Jim Douglas Plans to Veto Vermont Gay Marriage Bill

Governor Jim Douglas, Vermont

For a moment, things were looking optimistic in Vermont. The Senate put their stamp of approval on a bill that would allow same-sex couples to marry, and the issue was expected to pass after moving to the House. We, as a community, were almost one step closer to equality, but Governor Jim Douglas isn't going to make the process any easier for us.

In an attempt "to stop speculation and to focus attention on economy," Douglas has officially confirmed that he will veto the same-sex marriage bill. Though this is certainly a setback, Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin had this to say of the decision: "The governor may choose to veto a bill, but he cannot veto love and commitment." Amen to that! 

There's still a chance that there may be enough votes to overturn this veto, so we should remain optimistic and keep our fingers crossed. What do you think of the governor's decision?

– Dewitt

9 thoughts on “Jim Douglas Plans to Veto Vermont Gay Marriage Bill

  1. Governor Douglas is a moron. It’s none of his business, and the veto bill won’t negatively impact the economy. Sure, he wants to shift attention away from “speculation”, as he says, but what harm will gay marriage do?

  2. The govenor´s decision shows, how incompetent, he´is, what does the bad economy has to do with gay-marriage, LOL, HOW STUPID, HE IS.

  3. Now is the time to take action, Manhunters! Call Gov. Douglas’s office and tell him how we won’t stand for inequality: (802) 828-3333.
    Tell him he doesn’t stand a CHANCE for re-election if he vetoes this bill.

  4. Good for Douglas… why would I want to be part of a heterosexist institution anyway? Unions, marriages, partnerships — or whatever you want to call them — they aren’t the norm for the GLBT community. It’s time we wake up and start defining ourselves instead of trying to be like everyone else… and adopting their institutions.

  5. They aren’t the norm for our community because it’s never been possible before. What’s wrong with wanting your love and devotion to one person being recognized by everybody else? What’s wrong with trying to get the same financial, medical, and legal rights for you and your partner like everybody else? Just because we’re a part of the GLBT community it’s wrong for us to want to be able to be recognized by the legal system the same way opposite sex marriages are? Jason you need to do some research into the topic before you make comments like that. If you do you’ll realize it’s not about “trying to be like everybody else” and that there are far more important things at stake than that!

  6. Yeah Jason, I agree with GBNO’s comment above.
    Frankly, I pay the same taxes as everyone else so I want the same rights. And that includes the ability to marry my partner and gain immigration rights like every hettie in the land. Otherwise I want a discount for not using schools and the other hettie shit I have to pay for as well as a discount for all the rights I’m not entitled to.

  7. Unfortunately, not all gays want or support gay marriage. Why? Not everyone wishes to marry. Not everyone chooses to have rights afforded to married people.
    And sure the straight community is not one for promoting complete monogamy, but look at the history of gay culture. It may have been a centuries-old practice as history books tell us. But the liberation of the gay movement remains tightly associated with the explosion of the gay porn industry. Our sexuality precedes our lives, and we pass it off as a lifestyle equal to our hetero counterparts. And we call this progress? I say keep it the way it is, and let everyone continue to fuck around.
    We all pay taxes for some things that don’t necessarily affect us or anyone else. The Melissa Etheridge argument is stupid and childish. waaah!

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