It’s Up! It’s Down! It’s Up!

It’s like being in charge of a damn drawbridge!


I’m certain you’ve noticed a few days without posts. I hate when that happens! We’re still squeezing bugs and problems and other nasties out of the internet hoses over here at Manhunt Daily. Things seem to be back on the mend now, and we’re gonna hope they stay that way.

As my apology to loyal readers, here’s a creeper vid that someone sent to me of a lot of big huge muscle butts at the gym. I don’t have any more context than that. You’ll have to watch and see what you can make of it:



Back now to business as usual.


6 thoughts on “It’s Up! It’s Down! It’s Up!

  1. All is forgiven Tyler, as long as you allow us each and everyone of us to flog your pert little bum, just once each will do, I am being magnanimous here… **cracking whip to get ready**

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