Peter Fever: BTS

So many smiles and big hard dicks,
you’ll wanna go work on a porn set. 


Or something. I don’t know. I just loved this quick behind the scenes teaser for PeterFever’s Novella series. It features a lot of my favorite guys, including Seamus O’Reilly, Raphael Marino, and Peter Le himself playing bondage master and tying his performers to the bed. Watch:



That’s pretty cute, right? You can check out season 5 of Novella on





8 thoughts on “Peter Fever: BTS

  1. That was actually a cool clip nice to see there is some smiles and joking around on those sets not just serious and down to business! But I have always wanted to be on the set of one anyways although doubt most times I would be able to contain or hide my hard on or wet spot from precum! LOL

  2. It’s not as sexy in person as you’d expect, although it’s a weird energy to be around. A bunch of guys naked and chemically hard af with a sexual energy just sort of in the air. It’s very easy to end up with dick in your mouth accidentally.

  3. Sounds like your speaking from experience there Tyler!
    I would not be there as a fluffer but as the photographer or the Camera man or just a straight on, man that word sucks, adviser or observer something or another. Observing and or being a Voyeur is the fantasy of that not being a part of it.

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