A Czech Rock Band Dropped A Video Featuring A LOT Of Full Frontal

They’re called Hentai Corporation. The song is called “Equilibristic Brides” and it’s terrible. You’re not gonna care, cuz’ this vid is full of DICKS. This is ART. Why haven’t any other bands tried this? I might listen to more of our current pop tunes if the vids featured COCKS flopping around. I’m thinking of your artists whose latest albums didn’t hit as big as they’re used to. Lady Gaga, Madge, Britney…if they’d released videos with DICK, Joanne, Rebel Heart, and Glory might have hit harder.

Watch all the PENIS in Hentai Corporation’s groundbreaking video below.

Hentai Corporation – Equilibristic Brides [UNCENSORED] [NSFW] from RNGDS on Vimeo.

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