Kyle Kash Gets “Initiated”

I’m just gonna say it. I’m in love with Kyle Kash.
And also with Joey D’s Nipples.


I want American Muscle Hunks to become the next Cockyboys. I want someone to throw money at that site until it’s as gorgeous and thoughtful as CB, but with Joey D and Johnny V and their whole cast of musclebros, instead of the tattooed twinky guys Jake Jaxson is always trying to sell me.

Because they already have the goods. They really really do. Let’s take, for example, this new scene with Kyle Kash and Joey D: They’re both super hot and muscly. They’re both into what’s going on.  And they’re both totally on point with their roles. I’ve talked a lot about how fun I think it is to watch Kyle Kash bottom and this is no exception. Some guys seem like they’re doing the work and taking it and making the noises to make their tops happy, but Kash almost always throws himself so headlong into it that it’s hard to imagine he’s not getting exactly what he wants with a big hard cock jammed up inside of him. That’s just how some boys are.

And Joey D is no slouch in the top department. While there’s a part of me that would love to see his musclebutt just get owned hard by somebody with a huge cock, moooost of me is just fine seeing him pry dudes open with his traditional expertise.

This week, Kyle Kash is initiated as a HUNK. Kyle and Joey D have been flirting on social media for a long time. Their chemistry is palpable. They begin by a serious make-out session where Joey and Kyle gaze into each other’s eyes and kiss with such passion. Lying Kyle on the bed, Joey slowly kisses his body as the two undress. Kyle’s beautiful hole invites Joey’s tongue as he devours it and then Kyle sucks Joey’s massive cock. Joey then bends Kyle over and pounds him from behind before he puts him on his back and makes him blow his huge load. Joey finally pulls out and deposits his hot jizz all over the smiling Kyle.

Now. I like that as a description. But I really really would like more attention paid to the part where Kyle is basically nursing on Joey’s massive muscle tits which isn’t even IN this trailer! Wtf. here’s the pic though:




Loooooooook at those succulent tiiiiiiiiities:




Ugh. I could drone on with piles of superfluous adjectives for days. Just watch the clip:



Blessfull_14full_02 full_03 full_04 full_11 full_10 full_01


I’m hereby imploring you to join AMH so that they can have all the money. They need it.  For creatine or whatever.


– tyler


20 thoughts on “Kyle Kash Gets “Initiated”

  1. I personally with my nipples like that mix between pleasure and pain switched back and forth if someone does that right with his mouth and plays with my hole as well I can pop a nut without my dick being touched.

  2. I’d love the chance to make you cum like that.
    (tugging on his nipple with my teeth. Eventually made him cum in his pants)

  3. I love having my nipples sucked on, I get super turned on when I suck and nibble on someone else’s nipples. My so-called boyfriend has supper sensitive nipples and hates nipple-play…. Fuck my life!

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