IML : Grabbys Weekend Dispatches

Are you ready for some PICTURES. 


I spent the better part of yesterday at International Mr. Leather in Chicago, before racing home clean up and bounce back out to the Grabby Awards. I can’t even explain how huge and bananas this event was, and I don’t even know if I saw it in full swing. The poor host hotel couldn’t keep up with the heat and armpit smell coming off of the thousands of hairy, sweaty dudes, and every room was sweltering all day long. Even the guys strolling around in just jocks were sweating right into their boots. I don’t know how these guys in full leather gear were managing. But here’s the lite version of what I saw:



I met a ton of cool people too, we’ve got an interview with that crochet jockstrap dude up there coming up, and I made friends with the guys from Boy Butter (probably the best lube ever, if you’ve never tried it) and OxBalls. I have more pics I gotta sift through so there may be another photo post coming up too. I am glad to be out of that sweaty ballsack of a hotel though! Woof. You could taste the testosterone in the air. Not that I was complaining about that part.



– tyler

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