Grabby Winner Diego Sans + His Shockingly Hot Bod

Honestly – I was shocked. It’s. Yowza.


Before this last weekend, I was really only marginally aware of Diego Sans. It was one of those ‘knew the name – didn’t know the face’ kinda things. In my head he was just a Randy Blue cam model so I hadn’t put any real energy into investigating him. But then he won Best Web Performer at this weekend’s Grabby Awards and, let me just say how sorry I am to all of you, because we definitely could have been talking about what’s happening below his neck for just months and days and years. From Drill My Hole ( (a studio which makes all the dating/romance plot seem mildly ironic), Here’s Diego and Roman Todd (who I am also not aware of):


The third date’s the charm for Diego Sans to pound Roman Todd’s tight ass with his throbbing uncut cock, pausing only to penetrate from deeper angles until both men can no longer stand to retain their man cream.


That’s the whole description for this scene and I can’t stop fucking laughing holy shit I think I have a cramp.




Their inability to “retain their man cream” aside, this is a great romp between these two dudes and unlike this other thing, this doesn’t feel extraneously acrobatic. Just enthusiastically imaginative. Watch:



That’s hot right? And Diego can fuckin get it! Wowser! I’m not wild about that wig he’s sporting here, but the amount of perfectly groomed, glossy body hair on this boy is making me think some STUFF. I can’t totally put it into words, but my favorite thing to watch if I’m watching two dudes fuck is the top’s hole/taint/balls. It’s weird, but it’s my favorite, so this bit




was easily the very best bit. There’s something about that region that makes me wanna just interrupt them so I can motorboat that whole area while they fuck. Let’s zoom and enhance:



YEAHHHH. That’s the stuff.


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You can watch their entire 3rd Date at Drill My Hole. Or just join and get all things. It’s easier that way.


– tyler

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