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In Case You Missed It Wrap Up:
February 8, 2016


Alright! We’ve got a snow day for REAL here on the east cost. Not like last week when I was all “OMG SNOW! Let’s all stay home and jack off!” and then it didn’t even accumulate and we all had to go to work anyway. Today’s prospects look a little more bleak and after that disappointing game with the greatest halftime show in recent memory, I say “take the day off and click through these links till you have a boner:”

– Next Door Studios Launches New Bareback Site! Sends 400 emails a day about it!


– Dark Alley convinced me to watch a scene I wasn’t totally comfortable with, but I got hard and got into it anyway. Did you see this?

“Breed him on cam” makes my eyes roll to an almost painful extreme, but I love Deviant Otter sooooo much. See his update from MAL.

Andrew Christian made a lil video about their new sports panties featuring Ryan Rose and Arad Winwin looking buff and sweaty and winking at you. Plus there’s a discount code!


– “Drunken Frat Gangbang” seems like a lazy title, but hey – this guy’s named Tyler too!

– I can’t stop thinking about this Guys in Sweatpants pairing. They’re really doing some of the best stuff over there right now. I pray it keeps going like that.


– I wanted to write about this Rusty McMann/Rod Rockhard scene but I didn’t wanna hear a bunch of complaining about it, so I didn’t. Now I’m mad about that cause Rod is fuckin hot.

– Only three more days to vote for the best version of Ashton Summers’ ass for #AssWednesday!

– College wrestling is basically the sexiest sport ever, while ostensibly not being sexual at all.

– Tell me this guy shouldn’t be playing Nick Capra’s son or nephew or something in an Icon Male release immediately!

Blackey Madison jumped into this post about his Hands Free Cumshot tips and started commenting and now I’m feeling a lot of ways! (*whispers* I love him)

– Last week Falcon’s “e-zine” featured a guy who wasn’t white! But then this week we’re back to 100% white guys again.  Here’s Sebastian Kross’ model profile!

– Men At Play does so many things right. But I still found a way to make this one a liiiiiittle better.

– It was funny how into the Saturday Night Strippers thing you guys were. The views on that are ridiculous. Here. Go make it worse.

Gay, Stripper, Latino, Cash, Gogo, Stripping, Naked, Cocks, Dancing, GIF



That’s all I’ve got so far. But there’s other stuff on the site and I’ve got a week full of dicks and butts that’s gonna keep your own dick (and possibly butt) sore from all the self-inflicted friction.

Jacking off, stroking, BBC, Cum, Shoot, Bust, Nutt, GIF


Happy Monday, gents.


– tyler

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