Drawn to You: Story Time

Based on the shocking number of page views for almost all of the Drawn To You posts, MHD readers love some imagination-based dicks.  And I can’t agree more with what good taste you guys have. As I’ve said before, Handjobs magazine gave me some of the best illustration porn of my teenage life, and their stories were beyond compare. Now, I know not everybody is into the father/son incest vibe, so I’m gonna steer clear of that for Story Time. But I still want to share some of the incredibly sexy tales that accompanied some of the best erotic gay illustrations of the 90s and 2000s. Welcome to Story Time!


Rodney’s Butt by Terry
(illustrated by E. Rex Shawn)

From Handjobs Magazine, February 1998

Rodney is my best friend. After school we always go over to his house ’cause he doesn’t have any sisters, and ’cause both his dad and mom work and we can be alone in his room. Rodney has an older brother, but he works and doesn’t come home until real late.

Sometimes we help each other with our homework, but what we really like to do is sneak into his older brother Troy’s room and get his dirty magazines and books. We’re real careful to put them back exactly where we find them so Rodney’s older brother won’t know we’ve looked at them.

We both like the ones that show guys’ dicks, especially if they’re hard. We take all our clothes off and get our dicks hard and then measure them to see how they compare to the dicks we find in the magazines. It’s a lot of fun, and even though we know exactly how long our dicks are, we never get tired looking at each other’s dicks, measuring them, and feeling them. I love it when we feel each other’s balls and touch each other’s dicks.

Then we take our time beating off and then see how much we can shoot. I love the way Rodney’s bedroom smells after we both spurt. The whole room smells like our boy-cream. After we pop, I like to lie down on his bed and enjoy the warm sensations that tingle through my body while I smell the nutty odor of our juices.

Handjobs, Rodney's Butt, Terry, E. Rex Shawn, Illustration, Cartoon, Drawing, Gay, Fucking, Cum, Loads, SexWe were having a really good time the other day ’cause we found some new magazines. One was called “Bi Fun” or something like that. We were really excited when we found a picture with just two naked guys in it who were holding each other’s hard cocks. Then on the next page they were putting their dicks into their mouths, and then on the next page one of the guys was actually shoving his dick into the other guy’s ass.
Neither of us could believe what we were seeing.

“Do you think guys really do this?” Rodney asked me.

“I don’t know. Those guys are doing it,” I said.

Just then we heard the doorbell ring.

“Shit,” Rodney said. “Quick get your clothes on and answer the door,” he said. “I’ll go put this back in Troy’s room.”

“Sure,” I said as I quickly pulled on my t-shirt and jeans. As I ran down the stairs, Rodney darted buck naked to Troy’s bedroom.

“Is your mother home?” an older man asked. He wore some kind of uniform and carried a tool chest.
I shook my head.

“Hmm,” he said shaking his head. “This is 207 West Franklin, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“The Havensky family? Are your parents home?”

I nodded and said, “But they both work and won’t be home until late tonight.”

“I’m supposed to caulk some windows upstairs,” he said. “Mind if I come in?”

“Uh,” I didn’t know what to say, but before I could answer he walked in and right up the stairs. I didn’t have any time to warn Rodney. Just as the man got to the top of the stairs, Rodney came bounding
down the hallway butt naked!

“Whoa!” the old man bellowed. “What’s going on here?” he asked.

He stuck out his huge hand and stopped Rodney dead in his tracks. The old man dropped his tool chest and slapped his other hand onto Rodney’s bare butt. Rodney was so surprised!

“What’s your name, Boy?” the old man asked me.

“Terry,” I replied.

“And this bare-butted boy?”

“Rodney,” I told him.

“Who are you, Sir?” Rodney asked with a gasp.

“Martin,” the old man said. “I’m here to caulk some windows upstairs. But I see I’ve got some other work I need to do first.” Martin gave me a wink.

“Do you like to get naked, too?” he asked me. With some hesitation I nodded.

“Well, you two go to your room, and let’s all get naked,” Martin said. “I know a thing or two that boys like you love to do,” he said. To my surprise he slid his hand down Rodney’s front and took hold of his dick. In a flash it stood straight up. “Yeah, I can see we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

We went to Rodney’s bedroom and the old man wasted no time taking his uniform and underwear off. When he was naked Rodney turned to me and nearly shouted, “Well, what are you waiting for, Terry? Come on, get naked.”

Handjobs, Rodney's Butt, Terry, E. Rex Shawn, Illustration, Cartoon, Drawing, Gay, Fucking, Cum, Loads, SexI stripped but as I took my clothes off I couldn’t take my eyes of Martin’s cock and balls. At first they just hung there, thick and soft, but as I peeled off my clothes his shaft hardened and I watched it rise until it was poking up at the ceiling.

“Now lie on your back on the bed, Rodney,” Martin said. “And lift your legs up.”

Rodney lay down and pulled his legs up, sticking his butt out.

“Yeah, you’ve got a nice butt,” Martin said, rubbing his palm against Rodney’s round cheeks. “Doesn’t that look nice, Terry? Look how round and tight his cheeks are. And this,” Martin sighed as he tapped Rodney’s butt hole. “This is so hot!”

Martin licked his finger and then ran the moist finger tip around Rodney’s protruding asshole. Then he teased Rodney’s tight hole with his wet finger tip.

“Here, Terry. Lick your finger and feel it for yourself,” Martin told me. I sucked on my finger tip, getting it all wet, and then touched Rodney’s puckered asshole. Martin took hold of my hand and guided my finger slowly around Rodney’s rim. Then he moved my finger tip to the opening of Rodney’s asshole and gently pushed it in.

“Feel how hot it is inside?” Martin asked. “When you put your dick in, you won’t believe how hot it feels.” Martin pushed my finger in up to my second knuckle. Then he pulled it out. Martin spit several times onto Rodney’s butt hole, and then worked my finger back in, poking his wet saliva into Rodney’s butt.

“Have you two ever done this before?” Martin asked.

“No!” we both said at the same time.

“Now watch,” Martin said. He lowered his face to Rodney’s wet butt hole and began licking it. He kept licking it, shoving his tongue into it, and spitting on it until it was so wet it glistened. Then he sat on his knees in front of Rodney’s butt and brought the head of his stiff cock right up against Rodney’s wet butt hole. Suddenly Rodney and I realized that this old man was going to shove his big dick right up Rodney’s butt.

“Here, help me,” Martin said, looking at me. “Take hold of my shaft and push it in.”

As I wrapped my fingers around the old man’s throbbing cock, I was so excited. I looked up at Rodney and he was just as excited as I was. His prick was sticking straight up and drooling with precum.

Handjobs, Rodney's Butt, Terry, E. Rex Shawn, Illustration, Cartoon, Drawing, Gay, Fucking, Cum, Loads, SexMartin pressed his cockhead against Rodney’s wet hole and I helped him push it in. At first Rodney’s butt resisted, but all of a sudden it opened real wide and Martin’s thick, hard, throbbing dick slid right in.

Rodney let out a gasp.

“You sure are tight, Boy,” Martin said. “I can tell you’re gonna give my dick a good squeeze. You doing ok?”

“Ok,” Rodney gasped. “Ok.”

I held tight onto Martin’s shaft until Martin’s thick bush pressed against Rodney’s round butt cheeks.
Martin spread his legs apart and said, “Grab hold of my balls, Terry. Pull on them while I pump my cock into Rodney.”

It was so thrilling watching Martin. I took hold of his balls with one hand, and felt his smooth, veiny shaft with the other as he pulled it in and out of Rodney’s tight, wet hole.

“What does it feel like, Rodney?” I asked.

“It hurts a bit, but it feels so good,” Rodney sighed.

“You sure have one tight, hot hole,” Martin moaned. “This feels so good. Now that you know how to do it, you’ll have to fuck each other,” he groaned. “Yeah, you’ll have to show me how you do it together.” Martin fucked Rodney a few minutes, and then he pulled his cock all the way out. It was all wet with Rodney’s ass juices and Martin’s precum. It glistened and I couldn’t resist grabbing hold of it and feeling it and stroking it.

Martin leaned forward and gave me a kiss. “Someday I’ll shove it up your butt, too,” he whispered in my ear.  I couldn’t wait.

Rodney’s gaping asshole was begging for Martin’s cock. Martin pulled Rodney’s asshole wide open with his thumb and then pumped his juicy, wet cock back into that tight hole.

The sight of Martin’s wet cock gliding in and out of Rodney’s tight hole was making me dizzy. I tried to keep from shooting, but it was hope- less. I let out a cry and shot cum all over Martin’s fucking cock, Rodney’s butt, and Rodney’s balls. I kept shooting and shooting and shooting. It was like I couldn’t stop.

Handjobs, Rodney's Butt, Terry, E. Rex Shawn, Illustration, Cartoon, Drawing, Gay, Fucking, Cum, Loads, Sex“That’s it, Boy, that’s it. Ahhhh,” Martin moaned. He shoved his cum soaked cock all the way into Rodney’s butt and held it as deep inside Rodney as he could. Martin’s whole body shook as he pumped load after load of thick cream into Rodney. Then I took hold of Rodney’s throbbing dick and stroked it until Rodney shot a white stream all the way to his chest. In all the time Rodney and I had fooled around I’d never seen him shoot so hard.

Martin lovingly licked Rodney’s cream off his chest and belly. Then he pulled his softening dick out of Rodney’s butt.

“Well, that was a lot of fun,wasn’t it?” Martin said with a smile.

“Sure was,” Rodney said with a satisfying sigh.

“I’d love to do more, but I better caulk those windows before your parents get home. Maybe I can stop by another time, soon.”



I love that this story makes no hesitations about calling him an “old guy” like 50 times, but that the kids don’t care at all. Lol.  I’ll read anything with E. Rex. Shawn’s illustrations though. He could illustrate Fox News and I’d at least look.

The illustrations on this one are a little bit pixellated becuase Handjobs didn’t make super high quality PDFs early on, so this is what we have to work with. Shawn’s linework and passion are still very evident, even with a little bit of pixel slippage though.



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