ICYMI: Rim My Ass!

This has been a bonkers seven days at MHD Headquarters. We got this new site up and (sort of) running, and I’ve spent the whole time trying to put out fires and start other fires to make all of this work like it’s supposed to.  We’re about 75% there, so there’s still lots to do this week. Here’s a rundown of all the things that we maybe missed but you don’t have to:


– If there’s anything you want your bottoms to be, it’s “insatiable.” (Guys In Sweatpants)


– His name is Brad, and his specialty is the “sperm shot.” He sounds like just the BEST bartender ever. (Maskurbate)

– Nick Capra is this week’s focus of the never-ending Fathers and Sons series over at Icon. But then, I love Nick Capra. (ICON Male)

– Is Jack Mackenroth the 2016 Dorian Gray? Yes. He is. (MHD)


– Also at ICON, Adam Russo wears the greatest pair of boots I’ve ever seen in a porn. Wow. (ICON Male)

Totally gorgeous boys fucking in champaign. Yeah, I’ll sign up for that. Yes. (MHD)

– I don’t know what to say about this. “Str8 To Bootycamp?” That’s just. That’s so lazy. (Next Door Buddies)

Bel Ami and late night boners makes you google “age of consent in Eastern Europe. (MHD)

– “Colt handles Tex’s balls, as Tex grabs ahold of Colt’s neck, and Colt impales his throat on Tex’s big dick.” This is a pronoun’s nightmare (Raging Stallion)

– What’s TOO BIG for you? Here’s how that breaks down around the world. (MHD)

Baaahahahahahahahhhahhaaaaa. (Faclon)

screenshot-www.falconstudios.com 2016-05-09 11-58-43

– If you’re a Falcon member, this week’s ‘member exclusive’ features Paul Wagner and Adam Champ (and me jizzing all over the underside of my desk.) If you’re not a member, this link will give you 50% off. (Falcon)

– The Best Tweets list this week features butts, boys, and Broadway Bares. Bless. (MHD)

– I like how many exclamation points Bromo uses in their titles: Rim My Ass!, Pre-Fuck Workout!, I Bred My New Step Dad! (Bromo)

– Nobody has yelled at me yet about using the Friends logo in this. (MHD)


– Speaking of logos, the Jizz Orgy logo is my favorite of all the gay porn logos. (Jizz Orgy)

– It wouldn’t be an ICYMI wrapup without my plugging Twinks In Shorts. And I would totally plug BOTH these dudes (Twinks in Shorts)

Twinks is gonna give you 33% off if you use the MHD link, too.

– Hell yes: Diesel Washington and Jesse Jackman doing what they do best. (Titan)



That’s the short version, cause there’s still SOOOO many emails about shit I have to watch in the inbox. But I’m gonna get r done today, even if it kills me. If you spot any weirdness around the site, drop me a line directly, since comments aren’t functioning exactly how I need them to and I don’t wanna miss your message.


Welcome to Monday.


– tyler

One thought on “ICYMI: Rim My Ass!

  1. Really? Jack Mackenroth is “the 2016 Dorian Gray”? Did Dorian Gray have lots of plastic surgery and access the Photoshop? Gurl.

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