ICYMI: Big Hollywood Executives

Ok. Another hectic week of some server problems and errors, and more fixing of new features that don’t totally work right yet, but it’s getting there, right? I’m pretty happy with it, and I want you guys to love the new Manhunt Daily, too! We’re gonna be upping our output over the next couple weeks so there will be even more updates, hot dudes, wicked cumshots, and huge discounts on memberships. It’s all gold. We’ve also got some guest posts coming up from other bloggers and from other blogs, so we make sure we cover all the things for you guys. Stay with me!

Let’s see what we missed out on last week:


– Sexflix & Chill. ????  (Falcon)

– Some of the best asses in recent memory in this Raging Stallion bit. Drool-worthy (Raging Stallion)

– Alright, bald guys! Finally getting theirs! Bald Lovers from MO30 (Men Over 30)

– I’ve watched this plunger fucking SEVERAL times since I posted this. (Bromo)

Rough, Sex, Fucking, Jaxton Wheeler, Brendan Philips, Bareback, Raw, Plunger, Sodomizing, Piss

– I swear to god I’m going to watch Berkeley this week. I just haven’t done it yet. The preview looks sooooo good. (NakedSword)

– If you missed it last week, you can still watch the doc Undressing Israel for free here. (MHD)

– Ray is a “lean, shredded, cock-tugging machine.” I’m gonna steal that for my LinkedIn. (Next Door Ebony)

Boomer Banks is off to a roaring start with Cockyboys. This is some beautiful fuckin’. (Cockyboys)


– Tommy Porter is the cutest, sweetest boy they’ve had cum through in a long time. (Active Duty)

– Hookup app Jack’d is starting a campaign against people being assholes on hookup apps. (MHD)

– I have NEVER had a physical go like this. What college is this, again?? (Big Dicks at School)

– Two of my favorites, Micah Brandt and Gabriel Cross, look like BABIES in this TBT post! (MHD)

Billy Santoro and Dennis West AND Will Braun?! AND they’re pretending to be big Hollywood executives!? Yes, plz! (Str8 To Gay)

– There was a followup to that plunger scene already and it is DUH-LICIOUS. (Bromo)

– Oh NO! Gabriel Cross and Jimmy Durano are in jail!? (Hot House)

– Marco Rubio’s secret gay pics ended up on a billboard last week. Oops. (MHD)


– You need to at least click through and see Cameron Diggs‘ tattoos because JFC they are EPIC. I WILL be writing about this later this week. Damn. (Cockyboys)

– There is a cartoon BO-OINGG sound hidden in this trailer and it will make you laugh all day long (Drill My Hole)

Armond Rizzo is a porn star. He’s no longer a performer. He’s one of the best, and dude is a fucking STAR. (Raging Stallion)

I’m hugely annoyed that we didn’t talk about some of these, and I may try to go back this week and scoop some of them back up. There was some good fuckin’ in some of these trailers and I need to watch the full things and report back.


At any rate, welcome to Monday.



– tyler

2 thoughts on “ICYMI: Big Hollywood Executives

  1. Firstly I second that post about Armond, he’s a STAR! Secondly about Berkeley, I went to UCB and so far it seems a little well beige. The real Berkeley is a smogebourd of hot guys of every ethnicity and I’m hoping the series will reflect that

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