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Monday, November 30, 2015

Man. Mondays after holidays are the worrrrrrrst. I work from home, but it was still everything I could do to roll out of bed, roll to the coffee, and then roll into my office to start looking at dicks. But what better way to start a morning, really, than coffee and big hard dongs?

I get a TON of emails about new content and see other blogs posting stuff that I missed, and there’s just no way I can keep up with the amount of penis-interest stories that come out each week. So instead, I’m taking a page from DListed and we’re gonna start doing a Monday wrap up each week, to cover everything we DID talk about, and point you guys towards some stuff MHD might have missed, but you shouldn’t miss out on. Ready? Here we go:




That’s everything that I know about happening this last week. There’s way more coming up this week, so sit back, get your dick out and enjoy it with me.

If you need any supplies for said enjoyment, please check out the Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount stockpile (all kinds of secret links, promo codes, free shipping, etc, etc, etc).

Happy Monday!



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