TONIGHT: Liveblogging Titan’s Live Show

Dallas Steele is Live on! Watch me talk about it ALL!

I don’t have any idea if this is going to be an interesting thing, or just an annoying running commentary while you’re tryina jack off to Dallas Steele, but we’re gonna try it because my plans cancelled on me and Dallas is super hot.  So get naked, click over to, but keep this window open, and let’s watch together, yeah? It’s gonna be FUN.

You’ll need to hit refresh every so often to load new comments because computers aren’t magic yet. Ready? Let’s get started:


9:47 PM: My time is EST, so if you’re watching this elsewhere, I guess adjust for time zones. He starts at 7PM PST, so you’ve got time to sign up and get into his room before we start!

9:52 PM: The description for this show is so ridiculous. This has already put me in a good mood for this:

This Thanksgiving, the turkey is not all that’s getting stuffed! Join TitanMen Exclusive Dallas Steele as he serves up a big juicy piece of meat!

9:55 PM: I don’t know a ton about camming. It’s not really my bag, so I don’t know what to expect or why I’m in here early like waiting for something to happen.

10:01 PM: I did it! It’s happening! There’s no volume control on the F4F video window! It’s loud!

10:04 PM: God bless Fort Troff product placement. Also I’m already self conscious about my chest meat now. This dude’s pecs are bananas.

10:06 PM: OMG, he has an actual game board set up for this. I’m dying. Basically, you tip him and he’s gonna do whatever it says on the card for that tip value. Camming is hilarious. (Update: He just said he made this earlier today and that’s so fucking cute)

10:09 PM: Somebody just told him he looked like Dirk Caber. I need to get this emoji just at the ready over here: ?

10:13 PM: Weirdly, this discussion of Joe Gage’s directing technique could be the whole show for me. That’s fucking fascinating.

10:16 PM: Shit! I wish I had some damn credits on this. He’s doing #9 now. And it’s feet. Gag. No bueno. I’m looking away while he puts his feet up there. OHHHH NOOOO I didn’t do it fast enough. Dude has some monster feet though. Size 13. Woof.  But still. Feet. Thumbs down for feet.

10:19 PM: This is like a smutty QVC. He’s having to talk the whole time about just what’s in the room. It seems difficult. Also, he’s showing off an elephant dildo he bought from Fort Troff. But not like an elephant DICK? An elephant TRUNK dildo? That’s a weird purchase, Dallas. I’ll say it.

10:21 PM: He’s adorable when he gets flustered. Making that elephant noise made him almost blush. Also I just realized he has a poster of himself in the background. *side eye emoji*

10:24 PM: This is the game board. He just had to “JO for 10 Seconds.” Which… hmm. Maybe you just do that anyway. And then SHOW us for 10 seconds.

10:26 PM: Dallas is now talking about ‘colored gels’ to ‘soften the lighting’ and I  ?????.  You look fine dude. Let it ride.

10:29 PM: See… this is why I don’t normally watch cam shows. My ADD is too hardcore to watch one thing for this long. LEMME SEE THE D, BRO. Make it do some tricks!

10:31 PM: #8, 90 credits! Somebody bought “Sit on the Elephant” and I am SOOOO READY FOR THIS. I’ll try and screengrab.

10:32 PM: He decided to cheat and use a “warm up dildo” which is still kind of impressive to ME at least, cause I can’t get fucking anything up my butt. I don’t know how he just sat the fuck down on that.



You can’t totally see how big and trunk-like it is here. But that’s it.

10:35 PM: NOPE. He gave up and used a stunt dildo instead:


10:38 PM: If I don’t see some penis pretty soon, I’m flipping over to XTube.

10:42 PM: My chat comments have become unhelpful: “I need more credits so I can demand a Pat Benatar-style shimmy with that massive chest! Damnit!”

giphy (12)

OH WAIT. Nevermind. He kind of did it!

10:43 PM: He just told a totally horrifying story about trying to bench press too much and tearing his pec and now I can’t stop making my horrified/disgusted face. His chest is so cool though. I wanna bite it.

10:46 PM: I don’t know if this one was worth 40 credits. Suck a Dildo sounds like something you say to somebody who cuts you off in traffic.

10:47 PM: OH man. Apparently if we don’t clear the board, nobody gets to go home or something. TIP you bastards! TIP!

10:50: PM: NOW we’re getting somewhere! The Intimidator! Woof.



10:53 PM: If you couldn’t tell this dude was “gay 24/7” based on how fast he sat down on that massive pointy dong, then I don’t know what to tell you, chatroom people.

That question makes me so irritable. Like fuck you for asking him that. Why do you need to be reassured about his gayness? Maybe he just likes showing you his dick and fucking himself on cam. What difference does his being gay make? So silly.

10:59 PM: NOW the fun stuff begins! If you were a F4F watcher, I guess now you have to pay? But not if you’re a Titan Member like you already should be?

11:02 PM: I always wonder what bate fuel is for stuff like this. Does he have porn going off to the side that we can’t see? Or is he just jacking off to pure ego of people watching him and tipping? I could probably do either.

11:05 PM: Oh! You can follow Dallas’ bf on twitter: @boysteele.

11:07 PM: Apparently he was “bi” until he was 25.

11:08 PM: “Do you believe what the Bible says about gay people being lost?”  C’mon guys. Why you gotta be like that. Don’t bring up bible shit in a cam show. You’re stupid. You’re just. Just don’t be like that.

11:11 PM: Make a wish!


11:15 PM: Pro tip: 400% too much politics and nowhere near enough penis. On the next one, let’s reverse those numbers.


11:20 PM: There’s much more penis suddenly, which is great. But people are asking questions like they didn’t do ANY homework for this show. You need to research better so you don’t look foolish in chat, fools!

11:22 PM: Dallas is a totally handsome fucker in general, but his smile is so genuine and endearing that I can’t imagine not being turned on by this dude.  < /feelings >


11:28 PM: Nope. That elephant is fuckin tricky.

11:29 PM: “Yes, I’ve been fisted 4 or 5 times,” is not ever how I expect to answer that question. Wow. He is not playing around.

11:31 PM: This guy makes THE FUNNEST sounds when he’s fucking himself on a dildo. It’s amazing. I hope you guys are watching this. He’s so goddamned sexy.

11:35 PM: “I can’t pee in front of another person,” omggggg… that’s the fucking cutest thing ever. Like he’s stroking his monster dick and threatening to cum after he fucked himself on a variety of dildos, and he can’t pee in front of somebody.

11:36 PM: I might be in love with Dallas Steele.

11:40 PM: Nope. Nope. I’m not. He just said he never wanted “great big, childbearing nipples that you can chew on,” so we’re clearly not meant to be.  I’m a big huge nippledicks kinda guy.

11:43 PM: “Have I ever been DP’d? Yes! Multiple times!” SERIOUSLY DUDE!? Your life is real different than mine! Wow.

11:46 PM: This guy has the most adventurous ass I’ve seen in a while, but he ALMOST cums just from bouncing on a dildo. Amazing… I’m excited to see his shot.

11:47 PM: OMG! 3-5 Minutes until cumshot! That’s so specific! He’s surveying where he should bust right now.

11:52 PM: KABLAM! The man knows how to plan. Right on schedule and loads of jizz. He makes a lot of fun grunty sounds too.


And that is my time here tonight! I hope this was at least funny because that is two hours of my life that I just spent watching a hot guy play with his dick. Wait. No. That’s ok actually. I liked that part.

Big thank you to Titan for letting me watch, and to Dallas for letting me make fun of him at work. You’re both great!





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