Remember That Showering Gymbro?

I Found Him! What’s Up Tim K?

So last week I posted this Morning Wood entry featuring this smooth gym bro showering and generally just waving his (pretty big) dong around:


But couldn’t find any further details about who this was or what he was doing or how I could grab that thing for a minute.

Enter, thebananablog! Turns out these guys were all over this already, and they lead me to, which is shockingly well stocked with dudes like Tim (for a site I’ve never heard of) who are just showing off for quick cash, I guess? They do some still photos and then a video like this one and get paid and that’s it. I have an email out to them to see if I can’t get some kind of affiliate relationship worked out so you guys can get a discount on their vids, and so I can get more clips of Tim doing stuff with that clean shaven wang.

Here’s the video that Banana Blog posted (and where most of those gifs came from):


It’s… kinda underwhelming. I’ll say. Tim is crazy cute and his body is on point.  But there’s something lacking in this? I think it’s want? It doesn’t seem like he wants to be doing this? Idk. I try not to project too much on porn performers, but he doesn’t seem as jazzed as I’d hoped based on these gifs.

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I’m gonna see what else I can uncover from Pumping Muscle. You should check out this post and this post over at Banana Blog for more of Tim and his silky smooth shower stroking.


6 thoughts on “Remember That Showering Gymbro?

  1. He is absolutely gorgeous, but he does have that deer in headlights look, and frankly I’d be a bit distracted if I was being half drowned whilst I was trying to jerk off

  2. Hot but he looks like he’s under 5′ so, no surprise his muscles are so large on his body, or his dick for that matter. Just big by comparison?

  3. I think personally performing like that without interaction is not an easy deal and most, myself included, feel that jerking off in the shower is a spur of the moment alone time thing so being filmed doing it with. who knows, watching you can be off putting.

    Just like I can not see getting off on cam with guys and being okay with just that for sexual release. Seems to me like too much achievable pleasure is being cut out of your life.

    The guy is sexy and has a great dick though!

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