Hot Or Not: Dumb Guys

He’s gorgeous, and has all the physical traits that catch your eye. You cruise each other, until one of you gets up the nerve to make his approach.

And then he opens his mouth and everything after “hey” is a disaster. He can’t talk about anything other than the gym and his protein supplements. He reveals that his favorite author is Stephanie Meyer. He wanted to see the birth certificate. Yep. He’s dumb like mulch.

Does that turn anyone else on? Dumb guys are hot! The evil part of me gets very turned on by the fact that they’re easily manipulated into doing things they might ordinarily not. “Uh, nah, dude, I’m a total top. Well, uh, ok. Just this once.” Their lack of a clue usually means they’re a MACHINE in the sack. They may not be able to figure out the tip and think theater is Joey and Maria’s Comedy Italian Wedding, but they will DO YOU RIGHT. Like breeding you is their purpose in life! Some guys might be “eh” about a big stupid jock. I say bring him on (top of me)!

–  J. Harvey

Note: The non-celebrity types included in these photos are the result of entering “dumb jock” into Google Images. We can’t say for sure they’re actually dumb.

For more pics of the classic (and hot) dumb guy, Follow the JUMP:

35 thoughts on “Hot Or Not: Dumb Guys

  1. HAHAHA, poor Eddie Cibrian (rake pole pics)!
    That was from an awesome “coming out” film he was in “But I’m a Cheerleader!”

    Is that Randy Blue’s Travis James in the Dumb Jock cut-off tee?

    Mark Saling from Glee? Hmmmmm…

    And extra points with having Sean Astin’s character from 50 First Dates!

  2. sorry, but a dumb guy is never hot for me, i could never do it, even for a quickie, i enjoy talking first and after, and dumb people annoy me, which should be surprisingly moral considering i’m only 20

  3. I would trick with a hot dumb guy, and maybe even go away for a weekend or 2, but that would be the extent of it … eventually there has to be SOME conversation between bouts of great sex.

  4. Not a fan of the dumb guys – tho, “Puck”, aka Mark Salling, is GORGEOUS! and one can only hope he isn’t that ignorant in real life.

  5. how many guys on here would turn down the normal looking guy who can hold a conversation, for the hot guy no matter how dumb? I read the comments on here and I don’t buy some the responses.

  6. I’d hafta be in a certain mood…one where being near someone who’s idiotic doesn’t incite a blood-curdling rage within me.

  7. A dumb jock can be hot in the right circumstances, like tied down to my bed for the night, but for me intelligence is once of the sexiest traits there is. A dumb jock might be fun for an evening, but a smart jock is fun for the long term.

  8. it depends on the guy. Occasionally, you’ll find a “dumb but sweet” guys who will be lots of fun. But most of the dumb guys I’ve been with turned out to be racist assholes, which unfortunately I don’t find out about until I’m on the way home with him….

  9. At best a dumb dude can make a good Fuck buddy but not boyfriend…and I would do anything to Mark Salling if I had the chance, lol

  10. Okay, I think that there’s a sterotype/misconception that Jocks are dumb.
    While, I kind of agree, I think there’s a lot of other people who are dumb other than jocks.

    But, with that being said…I’m so attracted to dumb people.
    Whether or not they’re jocky.
    It’s just so…cute how clueless they are sometimes lol.

  11. Agreed!!! I’m an MD…and for me, it’s all about the sense of humor, sexiness and HEART (waaaaay over the brain).

  12. I love my Jason Stackhouse from HBO’s ‘True Blood’. The man’s character is dumb, but he dam sure looks good wearing tighty whities. I was in love with Cuban American Eddie Cibrian, until he recently married the pale, skinny, trailer park trash country singer.

  13. Yeah, not keen on idiots. I’m not saying I require my men to be members of MENSA, but some intelligence goes a long way.

    Also, are you implying that intelligent guys won’t “do you right”? I was pretty sure this is a skill which is entirely independent of intelligence, so saying that it is the saving grace of the idiot jock is kind of depressing.

  14. built like a brick sh*t house, but dumb as a sack of rocks? I’ll take him for a spin around the block once or twice, no questions asked.

  15. Got news for you. I would definitely take the “dumb, hot jock” guy. I don’t fuck brains or personality. I may carry on a discussion with a “nerd” or ” the class valedictorian” but it’s the dumb, built, hot, jock type that I’m taking home for the night, the week, the month, whatever. Shallow? probably but who cares. I’m looking for someone to attract me, not conversation.

  16. OK so maybe he is not brightest bulb N the package but than again when all U want 2 do is screw WHO CARES beside bad sex & good conversation is only going 2 lead 2 having HOT sex with someone else !!!

  17. Yeah, I want to screw, but I’ve found that a good conversation with a dude, even if it’s just a one night stand, makes the sex even more incredible since you’ve already connected on a cerebral level.

  18. I cannot stand to be around a guy who can only talk about one subject; which is usually either sports, automobiles, hunting, or video games. All of the above are on my “put me to sleep list.”

  19. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with a guy that is dumb, hung and full of cum, and wants to stick it in me. LOL

  20. I love an occassional romp with a hot dumb jock… I think they instinctively know they haven’t much to offer so they put all their effort into looking great and fucking like animals…I find if he talks too much, a jockstrap stuffed in his mouth does the trick.

  21. Geeeeese! You know all of you…you’d take what ever you can get! If any of these guys would even look at you, you’d mess the back of your dress. Quit lying to yourselves.

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