Darren Criss: “I’ve been s**t on” for playing gay roles

Actor Darren Criss has opened up about the ensuring legacy of his character Blaine on the popular musical sitcom Glee. The actor now says that the part–which helped rocket him to stardom–has been a double-edged sword. Criss, now 34, performed on Glee from 2010 to 2015. His character broke new ground […]

Ryan Murphy, creator of pretty much everything gay on TV, to be honoured for inspiring LGBT youth

Ryan Murphy has championed LGBT+ representation for years across his many TV shows – which include Pose, American Crime Story, American Horror Story and The Politician. His works from Glee to The Normal Heart have hoovered up GLAAD Awards over the years for their diverse queer storylines – and now Murphy will be honoured […]

Gay Ass Gossip: Ronan Farrow Might Be Frank Sinatra’s Kid Not Woody Allen’s

ITEM – That cutie is Ronan Farrow. Until recently, he was thought to be the child of actress Mia Farrow and talented director/incestuous creep show Woody Allen. However, Mia recently told Vanity Fair that Ronan could actually be Frank Sinatra’s kid. Mia says that Sinatra […]