Celebrity Skin: Ryan Kwanten, Rob Kazinsky & Sam Trammell’s Butts On True Blood

I will never get tired of writing about Ryan Kwanten‘s butt. Fresh off his tent-pitching scene with True Blood newcomer Rob Kazinsky, the dumb but lovable Jason Stackhouse blessed us with one of his hottest sex scenes in the entire series’ run. Please take note […]

True Blood: Jason Stackhouse And The New Guy Shave Together And It’s Very Homoerotic

“Just relax. Do it like you do it to yourself.” That line definitely registered in my nutsack. I haven’t watched Sunday’s True Blood yet so this scene was new to me (and no one spoil it!). Jason Stackhouse (the exquisite-in-every-way Ryan Kwanten) and new fairy […]

Alexander Skarsgard And Joe Manganiello Lose Their Shirts In The “True Blood” Season Six Trailer

I know, I know. True Blood’s a popular show with the gays because of all the chewable dudes running around bareass, but the last couple of seasons have been a little…uneven. Personally, I liked the witch lady and Season 5’s look into the vampire hierarchy […]