Hot Flash: Scott Barnes

Initially, we set out with intentions to write a general post about Scott Barnes‘ photographic work. Then we got a glimpse of his series “The Habits of Male Primates”, and it became clear that we should focus exclusively on this particular set.

Quite simply, these images show guys doing things guys do–playing video games, watching sports and drinking milk out of the carton. And yet it doesn’t devote itself solely to stereotypical views of straight male masculinity. You’re just as likely to see one of his subjects working on a car as you are to see another playing the cello, studying or laying in bed with his partner.

As if that weren’t enough, Barnes selected a diverse group of body types to participate in this body of work. Your typical muscle jocks are thrown together with average dudes, twinks and downright bears. It’s a pleasant celebration of our differences and unique interests as men.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Scott Barnes

To check out more of this photographer’s work, follow the JUMP:

17 thoughts on “Hot Flash: Scott Barnes

  1. I love these photos–really beautiful and understated. My favorite is the guy drinking milk from the carton–the tube socks with three stripes are inspired! But, honestly, has anyone who is not a porn star actually worked on a car in the nude? lol.


    I guess they never get naked huh?

    Or maybe this photographer is just a fucking racist who only like to take photos of fat and out-of-shape white men…

  3. I like these I think they are very artfully done. I am a photographer myself and find the utter simplicity of the project to be the biggest attraction to it. The models are everyday guys, guys you see doing those things therefore the nudity is not about sexual desire as it is just a fact of what guys are like.

    As to the racist comments – why go there. I just want once for someone to start opening bashing organizations that limits its “spectrum” to a majority mass of minority groups – AKA United College Negro Fund, Black Student Unions in Various Colleges, Association of Latino Elected Officials . I support these groups and I think they offer a great opportunity, I just wonder how long that would be allowed to go on before someone of high power stepped in.

  4. Yes, topmanonly, EVERYONE is a racist. EVERYONE. You’re the ONLy non-racist in the whole wide world.

    Did you even bother clicking through to the artist’s web site to see any of his other photographs? No? Then just shut up.

  5. Actually, If you click on his name it takes you to his site, these are only a few pieces of his gallery that Dewitt picked out. There are different types of men on his site. Maybe you should make sure someone doesn’t feature models of color before showing the world that you are an idiot.

  6. @Topmanonly; you make a strong observation. Racism does exist within the gay community and many times, black men are seen less attractive by the mostly gay white male community. Light skin or white Hispanics are accepted and can assimilate into white gay or straight America. However, I found several of the men in the photos to be attractive and sexy. The first guy is dam hot!!!!

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