Have You Ever: Had Your Ass Licked?

For some of you, this may seem like the dumbest question in the world. I mean, what sexually active M4M enthusiast hasn’t ever been on the receiving end of a rimjob? You’d be surprised! More and more, I’ve been coming across guys who’ve never had a tongue up their butt. All of them are attractive. All of them want their asses licked. And a good portion are either total bottoms or at least enjoy getting fucked. It’s downright ludicrous, I tell you!

Taking this into consideration, we’re forced to face today’s question… Are you one of those men who’s never had someone’s face buried between your cheeks? Do you wish you weren’t? Or does the idea of some guy’s tongue flicking on your hole turn you off entirely? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: New York Straight Men

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39 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Had Your Ass Licked?

  1. It’s not my favorite thing in the world, but guys that are into it are REALLY into it… which, for me, is more of a turn on than actually having your salad tossed.

  2. The first time it was done, I just about came! It feels sooo good! Now granted, I keep clean – almost /anal/ if you will (giggity) but it was weird when he wanted to kiss afterward. Still, if I’m sure a guy or girl is absolutely clean, I’ll do it, too.

  3. I don’t think there’s anything nicer than eating a meaty ass, especially if it’s hairy. Oh, and being rimmed is awesome. too. Rimming a bottom is a SURE way of relaxing his ass for my big uncut cock!!

  4. It’s not a huge turn-on for me, to be honest. I’ve had it done by guys and done it TO guys, but for me, if any pleasure is derived out of it, it’s because the guy I was rimming or the guy who was rimming me got such pleasure out of doing it to me. Rimming is one of the few things that I like only for the OTHER guy’s pleasure factor.

  5. Unappealing ass pictured. Doesn’t look particularly clean… and the pimple on his butt doesn’t help.
    I find that if my balls and ass are shaved clean, guys are more likely to go there… and really get into it. And I love it!!!

  6. Honestly, it bores me. I usually lose my hardon when getting rimmed. As for rimming someone, I’ve never enjoyed or gotten into it. Guess I’m not a “good” gay guy.

  7. I have but, as a Top it’s not what I enjoy.

    But, as a Top, I like to Rim a Firm, CLEAN “culo” ALMOST as much as I like to Fuck. I consider it preparatory foreplay, lol ;-)~

    So, I say, “A good Top knows how to rim and, a good Bottom knows how to blow” 😉

  8. a lot of guys r not into rimming these days…. I can probably only remember one of recent times (and he was great actually)…. I’d say 1 out of 4 or 5 in the last year or so…..

    it seems that the art of foreplay is getting lost these days, it is always straight to the fuck…. ;-/

    one memorable rimming job was with a guy who used a listerine strip while he went to town…. it was memorable because it was so different, a bit weird and a bit hot…..

  9. I haven’t had pleasure receiving it, and I think some guys were happy with me giving it, but then something happened that will keep me from rimming for the rest of my life. I got giardia. (if you don’t know what that is, I’m not saying it here. google it) I know it was from rimming because there is no other way I could have contracted it. So I don’t perform rimming and, because I never liked receiving it, I never request it.

  10. I enjoy giving and receiving, but i only can do it with someone I’m dating or in a relationship with. If its a random hook-up I can’t do it, its just way to intimate.

  11. Agree about the last part. I’ve only been rimmed (and I think my interest in having it done to me is waning), but it’s something I would only want done by someone I’m in a relationship with.

  12. I’ve only “received” a few times and enjoyed it. I absolutely love “giving” rim jobs. I’ve only done it to 2 guys (serious bf’s) and it gets me rock hard. Perfect foreplay, gets them nice and loose and gets me rock hard for the real plowing I like to give.

  13. whoa interesting – i wasnt expecting these comments. rimming is one of my favorite things to do and have done in bed. its the best foreplay to fucking

  14. I am mostly a bottom, and I have been rimmed on several occasions. I personally don’t see the appeal of it, and definitely have no problem if it doesn’t. The only thing I like about it is if the guy gets really excited about doing it. I am very big on pleasing the person I’m with.

  15. I like doing it and always make sure I’m clean when I ask for it. However, I can understand the hesitation.

  16. i love rimming a hot guys ass expecally if its really senetive or ticklish, love getting him all worked up and helps him relax for my big cock.. love mixing in fingering also, so hot !!

  17. I definitely agree. It’s nice and a guy who really knows what he is doing is great, but primarily I don’t get too much satisfaction from it. It’s hotter when a guy is passionate about it and enjoying it then the actual act. And generally guys who are really into rimming and sticking their faces between two cheeks are passionate about it so it all works out in the end.

  18. as a top i always say u should never fuck what u wouldn’t eat….as for being rimmed..it’s how i wanna die.

  19. I love it from both sides. I love the way a guy, when he will surrender into the pleasure of it (and that has to happen…those that don’t like it are also the ones who have issues with their assholes, generally speaking…or have had it done by someone that didn’t really know how to do it) will thrash and moan with delicious pleasure. With all those nerve endings getting stimulated, it’s gotta be good.

  20. I gotta say, I just don’t understand the appeal of it – from either direction. (got it once, did it once – no interest). Like my momma used to say: “Don’t put your mouth on a man’s butt hole.”

  21. Getting rimmed does nothing for me whatsoever. And I’m a bottom myself! I’d rather eat the other guy’s hole out than get rimmed. Weird huh?

  22. I dated a guy who wanted to do nothing but eat me out all the time, but when I tried to do it to him he freaked out and said he hated how it felt – he was super ticklish and I also wasn’t allowed to touch his stomache or feet… it was was weird and it ended, though I’d spread anytime for his toungue again

  23. Doesn’t do anything for me…total bottom as well.

    I see it as a fetish that just became mainstream due to porn actor ‘scripts’. Of course if you enjoy it…more power to you. Fetishes are just that.

    Dewitt: stop publishing content about rimming. We get it: you like to rim. There is no need to publish 6+ articles on this one subject alone.


  24. I have never been ass licked ,my ex boyfriend who is a medical student told me it was dangerous and dirty so he never didi it to me.Btw I havent had sex since we break up . so I hope I ll someone who will be able to do it .

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