Hey You! Get Those Nuts Out of Your Mouth!


If by some miracle you are reading this post while licking a guy's balls, you may continue to do what you're doing. But if you happen to be chomping on some pistachios while cruising MANHUNT, stop what you're doing immediately! The US Food and Drug Administration has advised that all pistachio consumption should be avoided until an examination of possible salmonella contamination is completed. Just looking out for you!

– Dewitt

2 thoughts on “Hey You! Get Those Nuts Out of Your Mouth!

  1. Sigh…. Seriously! How much of our food supply has already been recalled? Someone needs to beef up their inspections and keep our food clean. And thanks for the warning 😉

  2. Maybe the US Government should hire more FDA inspectors from the pool of 10+ million unemployed Americans.
    I mean really – it can’t be that difficult of a job and the job requirements can’t be that difficult to meet, since since the current group of inspectors can’t seem to get their act together and catch blatent violations that cause the public to become sick.

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