The Private Gym: Can It REALLY Make Your Penis Stronger?

By now, you may have heard of the Private Gym, a new FDA-registered exercise program that helps you last longer, stay harder and shoot further.

Need a visual? Of course you do. Head over here.

Once I stopped imagining Johnny Hazzard and Austin Wilde in a hot flip-fuck scene together, I sought out some more information about this system.

I talked with the Private Gym team of David Mandell (Private Gym’s president and CEO) and Dr. Andrew Siegel, noted urologist and author of Male Pelvic Fitness: Optimizing Sexual and Urinary Health. The Private Gym team was also kind enough to send me the eight week complete training kit so I could give the program a go for myself.

When we began our conversation, I got straight to the point. Why the Private Gym and why now? Why is this important?

“The Private Gym’s mission, as a company, is to encourage men to talk more about and learn more about their sexual health. We bring it to them from an exercise perspective, teaching them about their body and getting them to understand that there are things that you can do to help your sexual performance and your sexual health as you age,” says Mandell. “We really feel that this is the time. What’s so interesting about it and the uphill battle that we have faced a bit is that men aren’t aware of this. Women have been aware of it again for decades. Men aren’t aware of it.”

Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles with the Private Gym

So how does the Private Gym work? What is it working? Dr. Siegel refers to the muscles being worked using the Private Gym system as the “pelvic floor”.

“The pelvic floor muscles are essentially the floor of our core muscles forming the bottom of our pelvis, which are important muscles for both structural and functional reasons. If we didn’t have a pelvic floor, our organs would just fall out. They have a very important support function, both men and women, to the bladder, the rectum, the vagina, and the prostate. That’s the deeper floor muscles. The more superficial ones are the more important ones in terms of sexual function. These muscles engage at the time of sexual stimulation to help increase the blood blow to the penis to main a rigid erection.”

I mentioned earlier that I received the Private Gym program, which includes a resource guide, Dr. Siegel’s book, a DVD of exercises, and a weighted penis ring (with a foam travel case). When you first feel the ring, it’s heavier than you’d expect. It also comes with an additional weight that connects to the ring via magnets.

Private Gym

Using the program is pretty simple. Step 1: get your dick hard. Step 2: slip on the ring. Step 3: start contracting your pelvic floor muscles. The exercises are deceptively easy; just squeeze your hole then release. The combination of timed interval exercises and the weighted penis ring help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles over time to produce results.

“It’s just amazing how complicated the muscle system is. It’s weak to begin with because you only use it essentially when you stop yourself from urinating, I mean when you ejaculate,” adds Mandell. “You’re actually doing nothing to strength it like we do when strengthening the rest of our muscles. Strengthening those pelvic floor muscles and creating a way to do that and making them stronger — that’s what the Private Gym is all about.”

Private Gym isn’t without its criticisms. You could approximate the program with any light weight around your dick, like a wet towel. This is something Mendell was quick to address.

“This is a carefully-designed program, like a P90X or like Crossfit. The Private Gym is FDA-registered because it is a Class 1 medical device. It does not require FDA approval, because Class 1 medical devices are non-invasive. They have very little chance for any harm. However, we’ve gone one step further. We are so confident in the product that we have conducted our own clinical trial. Dr. Siegel has been overseeing it. We’re in the process of releasing those results shortly.”

“What we’re saying is, ‘Use this program. We can’t make you bigger but we can help you be better in bed,’ which is a more realistic and provable promise,” added Dr. Siegel.

Remember how I mentioned that getting started with the Private Gym was simple? That quickly went away after doing a few sets with the device. Aside from the fact that you’re working out a muscle that might not get a ton of attention, you also have to keep an erection for at least 10 minutes. Following along with the instructional DVD helps a lot with getting the timing down, but you might also want some porn playing next to it to keep you stimulated.

Or better still — a partner! (My fuck buddy was busy with his boyfriend, unfortunately. Quel dommage.)

Austin Wilde and Johnny Hazzard Private Gym

“What we’ve had is a number of people buying two of the Private Gym– one for them and one for their partner. We’ve seen a good amount of that,” noted Mandell.

Dr. Siegel agreed. “That was mentioned during our focus groups actually. When we were testing the concept a couple years ago, one of the gentlemen in our focus group said, ‘It would be fun to have one with my partner to see who could do the most and go the longest.’”

I lasted about 10 minutes each time I tried the Private Gym, but I’ll have to give it a go with a partner next time to make staying aroused easier. Mandell told me that with regular exercise, guys can expect to see results within 3-4 weeks. If I keep at it, I’ll be popping more than champagne bottles come New Year’s Eve.

The Private Gym is available for purchase at Save 20% off using the discount code “Manhunt20” at checkout. They’re also planning to run a “Buy One, Give One” promotion in December, so follow them on Facebook or Twitter to find out when that begins.


Watch Johnny Hazzard and Austin Wilde demonstrate the Private Gym below:



13 thoughts on “The Private Gym: Can It REALLY Make Your Penis Stronger?

  1. Sure it works, just like a mini thighmaster will tighten your hole!

    Cant wait to see the infomericals….

  2. Tell you what made my penis stronger today – having a the most humungous extended erotic dream involving the delicious and much missed Kennedy Carter. Completely random addition to my dreams – don’t think i’ve watched anything with him in for years. He got fucked every which way. Woke up totally boned and had to rub one out immediately. Beats faffing about with bits of plastic.

  3. I like the host of the private gym youtube ad. It looks like he’s going to burst out laughing till he gasp for air and may have gone through innumerable takes to make the final cut. 😉

  4. I went to the site to check out the price and even with the 20% discount from manhunt its not worth $80. I can make my own weight to put on my cock and do the exercises and it will probably cost me about $10. thanks anyway

  5. Yup, what you describe is basically kegel, so this spiffy contraption is just a repackaged idea and DYI with weights (don’t overdo the weights!) is basically the same thing…

  6. Excellent. You do that and get back with us in 4 weeks. In the meantime Karsh will use theirs. Let’s compare results. It will be an interesting experiment.

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