When Snuggies Go Too Far

Snuggie BJ

Holy crap, holy crap. Like most of you, I was a little obsessed with The Snuggie. I didn't go as far as New York promoter Robert Valin and plan my birthday party around this notorious blanket with sleeves, but I watched that damn commercial like 50 million times. 
While some of you may find the above photo disturbing, I actually think utilizing the Snuggie as a blowjob concealer is rather creative. Why didn't I think of that? Just throw on your Snuggie and a pair of crotchless panties, and you're ready to "make love in the club" like all the other cool kids.
But yes, Snuggies can go way too far. The terrors are far too shocking to be placed on this front page. You've been warned.
– Dewitt
Photo credit: Robert Valin

To find out how Snuggies can go too far, follow the JUMP:

The Baby Snuggie  
I present to you the Peekaru, otherwise known as "The Baby Snuggie." There's something so wrong about a baby's head just popping out of its mother's chest. It kind of reminds me of this scene in Spaceballs. Making babies scary is just wrong.

Here's a palate cleanser in case you need it–a beefy assed go-go dancer using the Snuggie as a prop. What will these gays think of next?
Ass Snuggie

5 thoughts on “When Snuggies Go Too Far

  1. Maybe I should invent the “Cockadoodle” otherwise known as the “Cock Snuggie” with a hole that easily lets your dick hang out for easily accessable blowjobs.
    Or the “Buggie” otherwise known as the “Butt Snuggie” with a rear entry hole for easy access.

  2. Ooooh! Snuggies actually create a lot of opportunities for us horny gay guys. A strategically placed hole could make a world of difference. Just think of how this could revolutionize the glory hole industry!!
    If the Snuggie is all about access, I can see the gay marketing groups feverishly plotting to make it more widespread in the community… “Now, you don’t even need to drop your pants, there’s already a hole!”

  3. Snuggies?! Why would ANYONE wear one of these out?? Why is this becoming a trend? I mean honestly, a snuggie at a club? How can you even dance in that, they are NOT attractive. I don’t care how many opportunities this allows, we need to stop snuggies before they take over everything!!

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