Random Question: Do You Ever Get Annoyed by Self-Proclaimed “Fag Hags” & Their Zany Antics?

You’re at a party having a perfectly normal conversation. Maybe it’s about politics, or maybe it’s about how much you want to eat Nick Sterling‘s ass. Frankly, the topic matter is irrelevant to this scenario, because the conversation comes to a close when a drunk woman stumbles over, calls you guuuuurl and demands to talk about RuPaul’s Drag Race. She heard you’re gay. And she loves “the gays” more than anything else in life.

Do you entertain her mayhem and foolishness? I mean, perhaps you should give her a chance. In a world full of hate and discrimination, it’s nice to know that someone likes us! On the other hand, there’s a chance that she likes gay men for all the wrong reasons, and she basically wants you to go shopping with her and say things like, “Honey, you’re fabulous!”

Let’s talk about these women! For that matter, let’s talk about straight men who do the same thing. You know the ones we’re talking about. As soon as they find out you suck cock, they can’t talk about anything else but how cool they are with gay dudes, or they ask really embarrassing questions about rimjobs and anal sex. Those guys! Those guys are the worst.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the “Fag Hag” episode of It Gets Betterish:

23 thoughts on “Random Question: Do You Ever Get Annoyed by Self-Proclaimed “Fag Hags” & Their Zany Antics?

  1. The key to the question–and the annoyance–is “self-proclaimed.”  Some of my best friends are women, and men, who ARE comfortable with gay folks, who love gay men (and lesbians, and queer sex radicals, and trans folk), but who don’t need to TELL you about it all the time.  They just live their lives in ways that support our lives.  And, sometimes, that means a conversation about Drag Race.

    And, on another note, “It Gets Betterish” is hilarious and Brent Sullivan is one sexy dude.

  2. Sweet christ, yes! I basically cannot be friends with straight girls because fag hags drive me *totally* insane. I’m sorry, I just don’t have that much to say about shoes.

  3. There is a GREAT series of video shorts called, “Disappointing Gay Best Friend,” that parodies this kind of behavior.  Definitely google it. 

  4. they’ve talked about gay best friend before, and honestly i thought it got boring after the second video.

  5. I don’t see these women as being any different than the Über gay gay men. You know that some are born to be and naturally are Femme, but then you have the ones who put on the act of being Super Gay and Femme because for some reason they think it is cool…when really it is just annoying…it almost makes us want to gay bash them. People need to stop acting and just be real. Being fake is probably one of the most annoying things ever. Hate fake.

  6. Voltaire said, “Anyone trying to reason with a woman, will lose his reason”. My suggestions for dealing with air-heads of all genders is: be polite, batten- down your hatches, and be patient–hoping the storm will blow itself out. If that fails, open a discussion on Max K.E.L. Planck’s quantum theory. That is sure to glaze the eyes of the intellectually-challenged.
    –R.T. Thomes

  7. yes! god they piss me off.. as soon as they start talking about shopping i make sure fat or belch as lowd as i can just to see what they say. tehe

  8. Ah, yes.  The inevitable questions about whether you’re a bottom or a top, what’s this like, how does that work…  Fortunately for me, I am both gay and a mortician so I get to play two games with these creatures: Ask the Fag and Ask the Undertaker.  Both are equally annoying.

  9. get over yourselves. People are going to respond to you however they feel most comfortable. Whether that be hating you an intense amount or loving you an intense amount or being somewhere in the middle or by being your view of a perfect acceptance.

    Frankly, I’d rather have fag hags and overly interested straight dudes than be gay bashed. at least they are TRYING to make it SUPER obvious how comfortable they are. Which they think is considerate. Sure it is annoying but would you rather be beat up for being gay at a party or meet a fag hag?

  10. I don’t mind “fag hags” just the pushy ones. Once I had a girl I just met grab my head and make me motorboat her because she heard that’s what gay guys like to do.
    I. JUST. MET. YOU.
    get your bosom out my face.

    As for straight dudes, I’m more than just gay. What’d you think of Modern Warfare 3?

  11. Yes.. I have no time for fag hags or the gay boys who seem to need to have one around (although it is nice how they pay for all your drinks then drive you and your trade home).
    Probably goes back to my first lover who had a cow of a fag hag. She hated me of course. She eventually got herself pregnant to a random, told the guy to fuck off and raised the most spoilt horrible brat you’ve ever seen.

  12. Honestly I’ve never really had this problem.  *Knock on wood*  I have a really close friend who is pretty much my “wife”.  We make all decisions together, she goes shopping while I hold the bags, we make sure to have dinner once a week even with our busy schedules; we really are a married couple, even down to the don’t have sex with each other part.

    I have pretty much the same relationship with most of my female friends, I’m just another male friend to them who just happens to like talking about hot guys.

    And my male friends, I’m pretty much just another one of the guys.  We even talk about hot girls, I’m not into the vagina, but I can find everything else about a girl attractive.

    I think my problem is I don’t have many gay male friends, I lack the ability to pull the super fag hags and the “I’m cool, bro” bros out from the woodwork by my gayness alone.

  13. When they’re asking because they want me to experience them (from me), then it’s perfectly okay… But when I have to explain the appeal of sticking my face in another man’s butt? It loses a bit of the charm.

  14. Yeah, I think going overboard with telling people you are cool with them beats the alternative.

    My friend “J” peppered me with questions and Fruitloops jokes but when it came down to it, he voted against banning gay marriage because of me. Even said that was why. (The ban went through but I was glad he tried)

  15. Elliot is a hot muthafucka. I took other things away from this, but mostly that Elliot is a hot muthafucka.

  16. Let’s not discuss it. I’m still not over the embarrassing crush I had on him circa 2007. My secret hope is that we’ll get beers (or white wine spritzers, whatever) some day and laugh about it, because I want to be his friend SO HARD. No innuendo whatsoever meant by the capitalized “so hard”. No innuendo at all.

  17. The moment that people find out you’re gay and explain how they’re cool because they have a cousin who’s gay nd their best friend is bi, and blah blah blah. My ex and I affectionately call that their “Gay Resume”. Every now and then I’m tempted to ask them for their Gay Friend’s phone number so I can check their references.

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