What Do You Get When You Mix Austin Wolf, Gabriel Cross, And Alexander Volkov?

The answer? JIZZ. CUM. SEMEN. BUCKETS OF IT. Ropes, even! YOURS and THEIRS. Three of the hottest guys in porn…ok, I know I type that a lot but there is no hyperbole involved this time. Austin “Ass For Days” Wolf and Gabriel “Ass For Bouncing On Cock” Cross BOTH made my Top 21 of 2016 list. Alexander Volkov didn’t but, after watching Hot House’s Depths of Focus, he’s definitely a contender for next year! By the way, Depths of Focus should be retitled Depths For Fucking cuz’ this three-way goes DEEP.

It’s full of hot fuck configurations and positions but my favorites are when Gabriel gets treated like a fuck pinata with Austin and Alexander’s cocks as the bats. And the other is when these three studs link up in a fuck train. It’s the best fuck train ever because Austin is the caboose. If you’ve seen Austin’s ass, you know that’s the perfect position for him. CABOOSE.

Check out more from Depths For Fucking…I mean Depths of Focus below, and jerk off to the entire scene at Hot House.

Michael Xavier

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