Austin Wolf Fixes Alex Mecum

Austin Wolf is some millionaire dude and Alexander Mecum is his favorite hooker and story, story, story. Get to the fucking, Hot House! As a surprise, Derek pulls out a pair of handcuffs that Alex uses to gently cuff Derek’s hands behind his back. He bends Derek over the bed, and rams his thick cock […]

Austin Wolf And Fane Roberts: Beefy Butt Fucks Bubble Butt

Fane Roberts picks up butt of death Austin Wolf in a bar and takes him back to his room. Fucking happens. Once he’s inside, he picks up the pace and pounds Fane with a frenzied urgency to get the job done. Fane’s hole takes a beating with every thrust from the muscle stud’s pelvis. Austin’s […]

Sean Zevran Gets Turned On By Austin Wolf’s Jockstrap

And who wouldn’t? That flimsy garment has straps that hug Austin Wolf’s balloon buns and that mesh pouch cradles his big, giant tool. In Hot House’s latest, the absolutely stunning and eminently fuck-worthy Sean Zevran is Austin’s roommate and stumbles upon Austin’s jock. He gets turned on by the scent. And that’s when Austin comes […]

Skyy Knox Wears A Blindfold For Austin Wolf And Logan Moore (Get 50% Off!)

I’m not going to type much here. Suffice to say, Hot House has given us the HOTTEST (how appropriate) three-way of the week with Blindfolded. It stars Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox, and Logan Moore. Witness: Austin’s beefy buttcheeks aiding his cock into SLAMMING Skyy’s aching hole. The sexy-as-hell Logan Moore and his tan-lined ass taking […]

Austin Wolf Pummels Josh Conners In The Ring

MMA fighting is kinda hot. At least, it is before it gets bloody. Two dudes in short-shorts, rolling around with each other and getting sweaty is very conducive to wanking. Hot House saw some ripe potential for scene material and has graced us with TKO Total Knockouts. Beef king Austin Wolf punches Josh Conners in […]

When Bubblebutts In Bathhouses Meet: Austin Wolf And Scott Riley

The sheer amount of ass on display in Hot House’s Bathhouse Ballers is staggering. The boyish and blonde Scott Riley has a bubble butt that’s just bouncing around anyways, but then he meets Austin “Ass For Days” Wolf! And it’s not just about the butt – Scott’s eyes widen and there’s practically drool running down […]

Dr. Austin Wolf Provides Armond Rizzo With Sexual Healing

So, Internal Specialists finds mini-might Armond Rizzo in dizzyingly hot Dr. Austin Wolf’s exam room. He’s got a new insurance provider and is vetting doctors. All of his friends have recommended Dr. Wolf and the “services” he’s provided them. Yay, porn with a medical backdrop and Austin fucking the mess out of Armond! Unzipping Dr. […]

Micah Brandt’s Big Bubble Butt Gets Royally Reamed By Austin Wolf

Micah Brandt is a fuck-lympian and he’s having the time of his life.0 So big, beefy, bombastic Micah Brandt and his big, beefy, bombastic bubble butt are laying there all bound and gagged, just minding their business when Austin Wolf’s bulge approached. Methinks there’s going to be some fucking. A lot of guys would find […]