Gay Rights Update: UAFA

Gay Marriage Civil Union

If you’re straight and fall in madly, sickeningly in love with a foreigner: a flight attendant who is the wind beneath your wings or maybe an exchange student with an accent that curls your little piggies, you can marry him or her, and sponsor their immigration.  But if you’re gay, you can’t.  There are thousands of people in the U.S. whose partners are not U.S. citizens and they are forced into heart-string straining long-distance relationships, foreign exile or catastrophic breakups.

But there’s good news!  This month four more senators and sixteen Representatives have thrown their support behind The Uniting American Families Act (UAFA), legislation that would give immigration rights to Americans in same-sex relationships with foreigners. 

Sometimes I take the hard work that gay rights advocates do for granted. But it’s important to remember the enormous amount of time, energy and brainpower required for our never-ending uphill battle for equality.  I find the momentum of this legislation to be especially heartening and invigorating.

– Wilbur

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