Flashback Friday: Blondie Vs. Pornstache

There’s a very good reason for us deeming this vintage porn clip “Blondie Vs. Pornstache“. As you’ll see, it’s very descriptive of the actual scene. A blond twink is bent over a piece of gym equipment, as a mustachioed daddy drills his tight boyhole with a ginormous schlong.

And our other reason for nicknaming this scene? We don’t know anything else about it. However, we do know the action’s extremely hot, and it’d be even hotter if they were wearing condoms! Alas, that’s one thing you’ll often encounter in these retro clips.

– Dewitt

To check out this video clip, follow the JUMP:

(via Fleshbot Gay)

NOTE: We here at Manhunt Daily have no intentions of endorsing unprotected sex. We encourage you to make responsible decisions in your sexual activities, however you may interpret that. Apologies if this disclaimer is a boner-kill for some of you, but we feel the need to put this out there.

35 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Blondie Vs. Pornstache

  1. HOTT!
    While the Pornstache may not be so attractive, that guy has a cock that would please the Greek gods and that blond boy is as sweet as candy and takes it like a champ!
    The best part is when he turns and says so innocently, “You’re so big but…Don’t hurt me.” OH PLEASE, that’s just your way of saying “Warn me before you cum in my butt.”

    My only question, How do the final “shots” come out?

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t recognize it as “In Your Wildest Dreams” a precondom Falcon Video. Kevin Williams is bottoming for Chad Douglas. I don’t really consider it vintage, but it is well over twenty years old.

  3. Wow. I’m feeling old. This is a “vintage” clip. And it’s from a video I owned and jerked off to in high school.

  4. Another great example of when men were natural “back then” (the seventies and eighties), and not these waxed, plastic barbie dolls of today. The latter is so boring and unnattractive. Hopefully things will go back to the way they were (while still making some boring stuff with waxed, plastic barbie dolls for those who are into that stuff).

  5. that’s the first i’ve ever heard someone say that it’d be hotter with condoms. I love watching bareback porn…. but i am safe when it comes to me having sex tho!

  6. It’s the “Ah, Yeah, Fuck your butt man” that really makes this clip classic… around 28 seconds in or so. Also, the models of today don’t look any more waxed or plastic barbie doll-ish than Kevin does in the video.

  7. Where are all the hott blonde bois like that in todays porn. . . Definately classic, though they made this before i was born. . . haha just make you guys feel older now right

  8. I’ve still got the tape of that around here someplace…was one of my faves “back in the day.” And that was one of my most-watched scenes. Maybe it’s a collector’s item and worth a fortune. Probably not. Chad Douglas sure had an awesome cock though.

  9. don’t make me feel older SillynukeWa, must be hanging too close to the reactor @ Hanford, be my guess.
    Dude has an awesome cock, would love to bend over for that cock anytime or pound blondie for a night or so… 🙂

  10. kevin williams has been hot forever. he was in the first porn i ever watched, “fulfilled”, with my other favorite, lane fuller. he only got hotter with time.

    [serious props to manhunt for the disclaimer. wrap it up before you slap it up, boys.]

  11. That tape was one of my first pornos ever purchased, LOL, I still have it! I have always dreamed of Chad Douglas fucking me, his cock was sooo HOT and he topped sooo good! What ever happened to him?

  12. Superb clip – its just great to see the guys really into each other and the sex.
    Glad to see some others mention about still having the VHS videos, quality is chronic compared to dvd and rarely have the video set up but somehow just cant seem to dump the tapes in the bin. While Falcon have done great job of releasing older films it seems most studios just issue out next bland stuff than raid the gold videos they have in the archive. Certainly here in Uk – is there more vintage porn avaliable in USA?

  13. Chad Douglas, was my all time favorite fantasy when I was coming out…and that scene has caused me to spurt quarts over the years…I never get tired of it!!!

  14. @Jim:

    “Having disappeared from the scene after the late 1980s, Chad Douglas is believed to have died in obscurity of HIV/AIDS, the first of many XXX stars to contract the disease and die before condom awareness was an established standard of the porn industry. Chad Douglas died in 1999.”

    There is allegedly an interview with him from 2002, though, so I don’t know if this is true.

  15. Is there anyway of doing a “where are they now” article on ManhuntDaily? I would love to know whatever happened to some of the greats from back in the day. Maybe even a tribute to those no longer with us?

  16. wouldn’t be a bad idea to also tag on a “where are they now” to this weekly feature. Would be interesting to see if some of these stars, who didn’t die of AIDS, actually went on to bigger and better things in their post-porn life…if they have a post-porn life LOL

  17. Ha, ha, ha! The cutaway speaking shots are so fake. Chad and Kevin weren’t having sex when they filmed those. Also, Chad is like a lot of well-endowed porn stars. He has trouble achieving a full, rock-hard boner. His half erection does the job, but that occasional dick slapping is less of an erotic move and more of a fluffing technique.

    It doesn’t help that these guys have to fuck for hours to produce enough video for editing. I’m sure they get tired, numb, and spent. That’s why some cum shots are so puny. The guys already spewed their biggest loads, but maybe there was a scene or production problem with the first money shots.

  18. this is the funniest post ever, just for your use of
    “mustachioed daddy drills his tight boyhole with a ginormous schlong.” That made me crack its just weirdly funny

  19. It’s truly nice 2 see a hot sexy bottom enjoying getting FUCKED by a very TALENTED big dick top . I just love how Kevin is able 2 look back N admiration as Chad Douglas very skillfully deep dick his tan & rock hard muscle ass !!!

  20. BTW Daeson & Roklif I think a where R they now is a great idea !! Dewitt & Andy I hope U R reading this ?

  21. Chad Douglas was extremely hot and sexy, back in the 80’s was when gay sex was hot, there was heat and passion, no matter what film you saw. No a days gay porn is about 90% waste with the who gay for pay, gay not in2 one another etc. Chad Douglas, Tim Kramer, Doug Weston, Bill Henson to name a few who were my fav.

  22. I have a “porn” stache and, guys loves it !

    And, even though I’m not usually attracted to blondes, Kevin Williams has to be one of the best bottoms in Porn history! IMHO 😉

  23. Is it me or does there seem to be a direct correlation between moustache size and dick size? Every dude I see in porn with a big dick is also rocking a hellacious moustache.

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