Sean Cody’s Blake Has A Perfect Ass, Hence We Like To Watch Him Fuck From The Back

Seriously, that ass should have its own church. Sean Cody’s PR department made a serious misstep. When you’re featuring Blake in a new scene (he’s barebacking Lane in this one), you feature his ass. There’s barely any pics of Blake’s ass. I am a butt […]

Random Question: Do You Think The Disclaimer On Sean Cody’s Bareback Threesome Is Problematic?

A few days ago, a colleague at Manhunt headquarters approached my desk and innocently inquired whether I’d be writing about Sean Cody‘s recent bareback threesome. I replied that, while I occasionally write about bareback scenes in order to encourage a dialogue about safer sex, I […]

Random Question: Are You Hypocritical If You’re Pro-Condom But Enjoy Watching “Bareback” Porn?

There seems to be this misconception that all men hate condoms. This simply isn’t true! Some of us enjoy the sight of our partner sliding one onto our rock hard cock, as he eagerly anticipates the pounding he’s about to receive. It isn’t just about […]