Let’s Get Kinky: Uncut Dude with Dick-Sucking Lips Gets Treed

Gay War Games takes place in the fictional Eastern European country of Tchukistan. It’s a war-torn nation wherein soldiers from opposing sides take delight in kidnapping, bondage-ing (that’s not a word, is it?) humiliating, and ultimately forcing themselves upon each other. It’s totally made up, […]

Men’s Charlie Pattinson: Johnny Rapid’s Older Brother Does Gay Porn, Too?

Meet Charlie. Am I insane or is there a resemblance between Men’s hot new find Charlie Pattinson and the eternally youthful Johnny Rapid? Right? This could become a Showgirls situation. Charlie better watch his hot ass on the staircases at Men! via GIPHY Maybe I’m […]

More From Tumblr’s Blue-Eyed Sex God (Who Is Actually Reddit’s Blue-Eyed Sex God)

Yesterday, we posted this amazing specimen and the Internet exploded in orgasmic flames! It really didn’t but seventeen comments is a lot for a Manhunt Daily post. Most of you just fap to a post and leave and occasionally three of you write something cunty. […]