My Five Favorite Scenes: Dirk Caber

The other day I was struck by a falling-piano-out-a-window of inspiration! Instead of yet another post consisting of me blathering on about my favorite porn scenes, why not have an actual porn star blather, er, blog about porn scenes? Specifically, how about a porn star blogging about his own five favorite scenes? You get to know a porn star better, AND you’re spared my irritating voice! Dirk Caber has been a porn mainstay for several years now. He’s a hard-charging and versatile fucker on video, all brawny and hot. But, as I learned last summer when I was interviewing him for a Colby’s Crew post, he’s erudite, thoughtful and a total brain (AND he’s from Boston aka Manhunt Land!). What better choice to kick off “My Five Favorite Scenes?” They’re all yours, Dirk!


This was not as easy as I’d at first thought it would be. As many great studios and amazing costars as I’ve been lucky enough to work with these seven years, it was difficult to get my favorite scenes whittled down to a dozen, let alone five. So, setting aside favorite scenes like the three for with Jeremy Stevens, Morgan Black, and Andrew Justice, or BoundJocks scenes with Dean Monroe and Leo Forte, I’ve managed to winnow it down to these SIX personal highlights of my career so far:

6. The scene with Hunter Marx in Double Exposure (TitanMen). It’s hard to single out a Titan film when I’m also looking at Thrill Ride with Dario Beck or just recently Audition with Liam Knox. Hunter’s one among my closest friends, and our physical chemistry is kinda epic; we never stopped fucking on set even when the cameras were on break. When there’s no storyline to hang the scene on, that animal connection is what’s left to the substance of a scene, and needs to be exceptional. Titan must agree that ours is; this was the second of three times they’ve paired the two of us.


5. The threesome with Rogan Richards and Jesse Jackman, Motel Muscle ( This was a total lark; Rogan and Jesse had filmed together for Titan previously; a couple months later we found ourselves in NYC together in a hotel room, and Rogan had his camera and I had some lights… Damned if I remember where the sling came from; it’s possible it’s in fact mine, LOL. We decided that if we were going to have some fun we should record it for posterity. My “posterity” wasn’t the same for weeks afterwards!


4. The scene with Bob Hagar in Armour (COLT). This also was a close call: my scene with Tony Orion in Colt’s Beef ‘n’ Briefs was a standout too. The extra bit of fun with the scene in Armour is that Bob and I are working in a metal machine shop, making sex toys and chastity cages! Armour I might add was my close friend Wilfried Knight’s last film, and the last time I saw him in the flesh was on that set. The film is dedicated to his memory.


3. The scene with Colby Jansen in Son Swap ( Men has been tremendously generous with me over the years, casting me frequently as “daddy” to some younger costar. This scene is a standout for being one of few occasions when daddy gets to fuck daddy. This must still fit into the daddy fantasy somehow in that this is still one of my most-watched scenes in Men’s catalog. And if anyone doubts how much fun we had filming that scene, Colby fucking the cum out of me and into my own beard has to be the conclusive evidence!


2. The scene with Jesse Jackman in Loud And Nasty (TitanMen ROUGH). Yeah, I know some of you are going to sneer at me for including a scene with my later-to-become-fiancé boyfriend. This scene probably wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t been dating, though. Titan wanted Jesse to do a BDSM scene; Jesse, who had no grounding or interest in BDSM finally relented on condition that he be paired with me. I’ve done a lot of BDSM on camera, and I can tell you how much of it is staged and gussied up. The magic of this scene for me is that we were really doing what we were portraying. As a result, you’re really seeing Jesse’s responses to his first tastes of electro play. I can’t remember how much made it into the final cut, but we laughed a LOT on set that day. And the resultant scene I think conveys not only the primal intensity of the BDSM, but also the humor lurking just under that hard surface and how strong our affection and trust for each other are. It’s a very honest depiction of the intimacy of BDSM, something exceedingly difficult to capture on film.


1. The scene with Josh West, in Men In The Sand (Ray Dragon). This is the scene I want running on loop on the media player embedded in Dirk Caber’s eventual porn tombstone. The actual sex scene is hot as well, with Josh fucking me in the outdoor shower (my nose buried in director Jake Deckard’s sexy sweaty armpit as he’s filming over my head at times) and ending with us diving into the pool, but it’s the scene before that which I’m referring to. The afternoon we were to film, Josh and I curled up to get a nap before we started. We woke up about an hour later to find Jake standing on the corner of the bed, camera rolling, apologizing that “the light was too perfect, I had to capture this.” He told us to make out, roll around a bit, rub on each other, just goof around a bit. We figured this would end up used as one of the brief vignettes between the actual sex scenes. To our surprise, when the final edit of the film came out, now in black and white and set to the slow movement of a violin concerto, this footage had been made into a scene unto itself. Despite that you never see penetration or even a dick in a mouth, this sequence is sexy, funny, sensuous, playful, and affectionate, and just HOT.

BIO – Dirk Caber is a composer, pianist, tubist, and singer working in music editing and research, and who also dabbles in acting, modeling, and voiceover work. Having filmed his first scene for Titan’s ROUGH line in 2010, he’s since filmed well over a hundred scenes with roughly twenty studios worldwide. He loves architecture, literature, languages, nearly anything mechanical, and of course music of all sorts. Reared in Maine and educated in Boston and Baltimore, Dirk then lived as a professional musician for 12 years in NYC. During those years he started exploring BDSM, and quickly became highly active in GMSMA and other leather and SM organizations. After a few years in Chicago, he moved back to Boston in 2013 to live with his now-fiancé, fellow porn star and TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman. He writes about his porn experience and real life and how the two interact on his blog at A taste of the music he composes can be found at


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