Everything Butt: The Pants

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Having a bit of déjà vu? You may recognize the photo above from our Hot Flash feature on Greg Thompson. The model for this photo is porn star Scott Tanner, and he's made at least one other appearance on Manhunt Daily. It seems like every time I put up a picture of him, at least one of you will make a comment about how hot he is, so why the hell hasn't he gotten his own post yet?

Tanner is happily dating (and likely flip-fucking with) fellow porn star Paul Wagner, and I'm more jealous than you can even imagine. Wagner not only gets to swallow that gorgeous cock, but he also gets to bury his face in those furry mounds whenever he wants to! Some guys have all the luck…

– Dewitt

To check out more pics of Scott's butt, follow the JUMP:







Scott Tanner 06



And here's the obligatory shot of the front…


Oh, and here's a bonus pic. Just because…


7 thoughts on “Everything Butt: The Pants

  1. Man i’d love to see him and Paul Wagner (or Barry as I like to call him from his Sean Cody days) have sex with each other in person, not on the screen

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