Robert Is The King Of Facials

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To be quite frank, Robert is the type of guy who wouldn't even catch my eye if I passed him on the street. Though he's definitely "cute", he's certainly not worthy of a double take in my book. Now, what happens when you show me a few videos of Robert in action? Well, he pretty much skyrockets on my list of guys I'd like to fuck.

Previously on Manhunt Daily, you may have seen Robert getting his tight ass plowed by hunky muscle-top Danny. He immediately caught my attention with his "hurts so good" expressions, and it was only icing on the cake that he didn't mind being manhandled a bit. Speaking of icing, his last scene resulted in a huge, thick cumshot. It may have even been the "Facial of the Year", but we're still doing research on that matter.

Oh, where was I? Right, cumshots! In Robert's latest scene, he's paired with another hot top named Spencer. The action is just as good as it was with Danny, and it all ends with another face full of warm jizz. Would you rather be in Robert or Spencer's position? I sure as hell can't decide…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dirty Tony

To see Robert get a face full of cum, follow the JUMP:














62 thoughts on “Robert Is The King Of Facials

  1. That’s SPENCER REED!!! Damn he’s sexy as hell. But in my opinion the facial of the year should go to a scene from Sean Cody with Kipper and Joe. Go check it out. Damn Kipper almost drowns Joe. It’s HOT!!!

  2. DAMN that facial id hot as hell! I would love to take his cum anyday! He is hot as hell and yeah I love the tatts!

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