How Are You Facing AIDS?

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Today is World AIDS Day, and it's not never too late to do your part in reducing the stigma around HIV and promoting HIV testing. There are several ways to help, and no gesture is too small to matter. So what are you waiting for? Don't fall under the impression that everyone's heard. Get out there, and start spreading the word!

If you've been on Twitter at all today, you've probably noticed that you can use the tags "#red" and "#laceupsavelives" to change the color of your tweets to red. You can also add a red Twibbon to your profile avatar, or change your photo for the day.

Oh, you're more of a Facebook man? Well, head over to to download a "Facing AIDS" sign, fill it out to show how you're facing AIDS and take a photo with the sign. Upload your adorable new pic as your profile photo, and let others know to do the same. Or you can change your status to “[Your Name] is Facing AIDS for World AIDS Day. To find an HIV test site, text your ZIP to “KNOWIT” (566948), or visit Join me and post this to your status today.” Then again, why not change your status and upload a picture? It'll only take a few minutes!

Last but not least, be sure to check out the Facing AIDS Flickr group, which features pictures of individuals holding their signs and showing their support. You're encouraged to upload your own, and let it be known that you're joining in on World AIDS Day.

– Dewitt

To watch a video about the "Facing AIDS" campaign, follow the JUMP:

11 thoughts on “How Are You Facing AIDS?

  1. God these comments are troubling. Bug-chaser I hope you are kidding. I am HIV+ and get angry at comments like that. It is so senseless. I have actually had guys ask me to infect them. I doubt that I could since I am very healthy and undetectable. But believe me taking very expensive medicine everyday is no picnic.
    I’m not too sure how to interpret Rad’s comment. Profile postings like DDF UB2 is totally pointless. NEVER, NEVER trust anyone including your bf. Mistakes happen and people do lie so what is the point of asking only for DDF? Only play safe. I learned my lesson too late.
    The best thing HIV+ people can do everyday is to own up to their illness and try to educate people. Saying I have an illness is such a bizarre feeling. I don’t like it.

  2. ha, it’s better that way to have sex with bug chasers and be all “oops, sorry, i don’t have enough virus in me to give you hiv! thanks for the ass and cock btw, bye for now!”
    totally an amazing scenario, go do it every chance you get 🙂

  3. I would have imagined alot more comments/discussion on this issue since we are gay men and it is world aids day…
    People really have to become more aware about hiv/aids, how to protect themselves and people that they love.

  4. I face AIDS every day by living my life. Every profile I have on every site lists my HIV status and my current viral load. Thanks to meds, my viral load has been undetectable since June 26, 2009.
    I face AIDS by letting every potential sexual partner know that I am HIV+. While the risk is low when you’re undetectable, it’s still there.
    Always ask a potential sex parter his/her status. Always practice safer sex. Have fun and keep yourself safe.

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