Underwear Expert Thinks You Should Try These Fort Troff Undies, Too!

And they’re fucking experts. 


Underwear Expert finally got around to reviewing those Fort Troff underwears that I posted about like a million years ago (fine – like a month and a half ago) and they even made a whole video about it, where Jared North (I don’t know either) tries on every single pair and tells you about their features.  If you already read my review, you can turn off the sound and just imagine Jared’s face while you ripped these off of him and sat him down on your cock:



Jared isn’t really my type, but every time he turned around, I had this urge to peel those off of his butt and put my face in there. So. He’s probably a good salesman.

If you haven’t inspected these over at Fort Troff, I actually do recommend them. They’re great for athletic shit especially, if you can’t get into the proper Duke brand wide-band jockstraps that all the cool kids like.

Go see!


– tyler

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