Drawn To You: Meatmen

Some of you Manhunt Daily readers who are little more mature in years probably recall Meatmen! It was a gay erotic comic art anthology that ran from 1986 and 2004, and provided plenty of delightful wank material to those who had access to a gay bookstore in the beginning, and then could order it online in its later years. Here’s a list of artists who appeared in the anthology over the years (via Wikipedia):

Tim Barela, Belasco, Bruce Billings, John Blackburn, Howard Cruse, Donelan (many back covers), Kurt Erichsen, Patrick Fillion, Prof. I.B. Gittendowne [Rupert Kinnard], Michael Goldberg, The Hun [Bill Schmeling], A. Jay [Al Shapiro], Joe Johnson, Jeffrey A. Krell, Jon Macy, Jerry Mills, Nico (early covers), Brad Parker (early back covers), Sean [John Klamik], Stephen [Dom Orejudos], Tom of Finland, Robert Triptow, Vaughn, Bill Ward, and Zack [Oliver Frey].

Finally – a whole list of artist I can feature in future “Drawn To You” posts! Check out a selection of Meatmen covers below.

Michael Xavier

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