Drawn To You: Rob Clarke

Rob Clarke has a very active imagination. Paging through his archive of self-proclaimed “homo-neurotica”, there are moments when you might question his sanity. We mean that in the nicest way possible. Clarke has a tendency to push boundaries, cross lines and come up with shit from your wildest dreams (or worst nightmares).

For the sake of this post, we’ve selected a few of his tamer pieces, along with a handful of sketches from his live-drawing sessions. Of course, we’re warning you in advance—some of these are still fucking weird. If you’re traumatized by the idea of a popular ’80s cartoon character hanging from his ball-sack, you might want to skip this…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rob Clarke

To check out more of this artist’s work, follow the JUMP:

6 thoughts on “Drawn To You: Rob Clarke

  1. I love Drawn To You! It’s an oasis in a somewhat homogeneous pornscape, and is woefully under-appreciated.

    Thanks for bringing it to us!

  2.    That six pix after the jump looks more like the crab is FUCKING  a sailor rather than the sailor has FUCKING  crabs  LOL  HA! HA! HA !

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