Colby Keller Takes On Tommy Deluca’s Ten-Inch Dick

My boyfriend Colby Keller is getting fucked by a ten-inch dick! Okay, so maybe he’s not really my boyfriend (yet), but that doesn’t change the fact that Tommy Deluca plowed him on all fours. The hottest thing about this scene is the height difference. Since Colby’s approximately nine feet tall, it’s always boner-inducing to watch him bend over for a shorter guy.

Also, the flip-fucking! The flip-fucking’s pretty hot too. As soon as Colby’s done getting drilled by Tommy’s monstrous rod, he switches things up and jackhammers that skinny fucker’s tight hole. We’re big fans of versatility here at Manhunt Daily, so you can probably guess how we feel about this.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dominic Ford

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491 thoughts on “Colby Keller Takes On Tommy Deluca’s Ten-Inch Dick

  1. 10 inches? Not.  Where the hell do you guys measure from – the asshole? It’s 8.5 at BEST. I’m not saying it’s not nice, but it isn’t 1o inches. You can tell that just by looking at how much dick is sticking out when one full hand is wrapped around it.   

  2. Funny Ive fucked Tommy several times. I’m 8 and MY 8 beats 99% of the guys online. Either my ruler is short or they cant measure 

  3. Tommy is a real flake. I have been with him online. He likes to fuck you doggy and check GRINDR OUT WITH HIS RIGHT HAND …I hate guys who are looking for their next “work” call when THEY INVITE YOU FOR SEX !!!

  4. Shaytan, I have to agree.  I am an honest 7 inches and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve hook-up with guys who said they were 7.5 or 8 inches (or more), only to find out they were smaller than me.  Maybe I measure incorrectly, or maybe guys cannot measure their junk.  I don’t care either way, but a huge dick is not going to sway my opinion one way or another if you can’t talk about something other than GaGa or the latest drug you did.  Get the fuck out. 

  5. sorry dude, unless the guy is a hulking football player, he doesn’t have a 6 inch wide hand.  the guy is 5’9 and his hand isn’t 6 inches wide, no way, no how.  

  6. I can assure you, Tommy deluca has a 10 inch cock. Tommy is my friend and I seen it numerous of times. And it’s fucking huge. I been to the filmings and I see how the botto
    Always complains and it always takes a long time to get the right footish.

  7. wow so much drama over a cock size not his fault if no one knows how to measure  maybe they should youtube how to measure it 

  8. OK for those of you who think you are smart “HE is NOT 10″  it is virtually impossible only whacked out junkies who think it is because of your addiction to DICK makes you think it’s BIG!..  because let’s face it you want it in your ASS and you hope that someday you can have it!

    It’s NOT even 8.5″ it’s more likely a true natural 8″ because even by the picture of him holding himself it doesn’t even touch his belly button..


    The average caucasion male from the point where the ball sack travels along the happy trail to the belly button averages about 7.5″ and 8” inches depending on the ethnicity of the person.  You will commonly find that the shorter they are the longer that measurement is..

    That is where the term “BIG PACKAGES come in Small Places Comes FROM”

    Most IDIOTs say they are 7″ when they are really a natural 6″/6.5″ –  8″ when they are really 7″/7.5″ ect ect.

    A good example are BLACK MEN .. Most will always tell you they are 8.5″ or 9″ when in reality they are much smaller then that the average black male are natural 7.5″ but because they are showers and now growers most people assume they are really BIG..  and white males are growers and now showers .. a simple fact for all of you that don’t know some of the biggest penises in the world are from the ones you might laugh at because they look soo small when they are soft but when you get them excited .. “WATCH OUT!”

    The average MALE does NOT know how to measure his PENIS properly and says whatever they can to make their ego feel better..  It really is kinda sad when you think about it..

    If you don’t believe me .. Pay closer attention to those people you are hooking up with!

    I PERSONALLY love a man that is a GROWER because life is so much more enjoyable!

  9. Drama for most people can be entertaining …. LOL  to me it’s just fun to see how much people are willing to expand their views and perceptions of something a good argument can make the making up a whole let better because now its about getting back at you and that makes for some good ol fashion sex!!!!….LOL  j/k

  10. lol no I mean seriously I mean this is typical gay man drama I don’t even know why they continue this forum is all people are going to do is bitch and complain and start issues with the post. Maybe they already knew gay drama was going to happen. And this isn’t even that serious enough for people to complain and gripe about and the same goes for the other post dewitt makes. the guys that do must be seriously bored i mean they hate the post why do they post so much when something new is posted?
    Rather someone’s penis is 10 or 14 isn’t something to waste your time and breath and what if it did really existed? I am sure people lie about their size for what ever reason but they exist and no penis is super 100% str8 so measuring with the ruler was abandoned along time ago
    some men stick with the ruler deal but they can get 5 different answers from that due to curvature. And only complete size queens would ever make a big deal out of it. 
    truth of the matter is if they know how to measure correctly then they won’t have an issue. But gay man drama can be pulled out of the air for no apprent reason.

  11. True True.. but if we couldn’t bitch like queens what would be or do with our lives…lol, or what

    OH i know I know I know we would all be WOMEN!…. HA HA HA HA  j/k

    Most Gay MEN especially the size queens in my opinion need to feel like they can relate to WOMEN because they feel like they were ripped off by GOD because as they see it, the women have 3 holes and they only have 2… HA HA  “2 holes means only 2 dicks at a time”…

    Honestly to me this is all a JOKE because the biggest problem is the webmasters because they are so desperate to say or do anything to keep people engaged in their websites because as you know it all comes down to the bottom line … and in this case .. The webmaster or whom ever posted this started the lie when they posted it in the first place.. I mean come on read the headline..

    “Colby Keller Takes On Tommy Deluca’s Ten-Inch Dick”

    In my opinion the DAMN lying just needs to S T O P – Stop! because it really doesn’t get anyone anywhere does it. and if you are gonna post something with such a headline DON’T LIE in the first place.. Right?  That i think is what was the initial cause of the DRAMA!

    So in some way some people have the right to bitch because they didn’t get what they were offered.  and in the other hand specifically you have to wonder what the intention of creating the lie in the first place because some people are gonna take what they see as fact and that is just wrong.. That is the reason why so many people seem to be getting dumbed down in so many ways…

    At least that’s my opinion..

    SO I can see both sides of the fence!!!…

  12. Sad really, when there are posts from cock experts commenting on an article’s exaggerated title,  especially when there is also no line credit to the author/provocateur to this piece of shit.  True, gossip and babble are among gay culture’s defining attributes, and Manhunt Daily does its part to uphold that banner with dignity and aplomb. Bravo to Manhunt Daily, where journalistic integrity is about as evident as it is with FoxNews. Keep the queers scratching at each other’s eyes while you delight in this frothy mess of drivel. I knew there was a reason to renew my subscription.

  13. Don’t shoot the messenger. Here’s the description directly from Dominic Ford:

    Favorite Colby Keller returns to Dominic Ford, and on our original set
    (which we haven’t used for 1.5 years!). Colby, who is looking AMAZING,
    gets treated to 10-inches of thick pleasure: Tommy Deluca’s gigantic
    penis. Then, Colby decides it’s his turn, and takes Tommy’s tight ass
    for a ride of it own!”

    – Dewitt

  14. All of this size queen banter aside, this is exactly what I like to see — two nice looking guys who are in shape and NOT tattooed!!!!

  15. If there’s anything I hate, it’s size Queens and small penis’s. LOL

    I would love to marry Colby and have him to myself!

  16. It looks like Colby could eat him as a snack if he got hungry. Such a size difference. And speaking of size, it seems nothing raises a fuss like someone claiming to have 10 inches. I’m sure in the porn world billing it as 10 inches is a better seller than 8. Tommy is physically small and so 8 inches will look bigger on him than if you moved it over onto Colby, the jolly white giant.  Maybe they also measured it from the front and not the side by the body. Who knows? Who cares? Unless he’s about to jam it up my ass, it really doesn’t impact me or my life so it could be 9 feet tall like Colby and it wouldn’t affect me. It’s definitely get my attention but it wouldn’t affect me.

    Side note: the typical width of a male’s hand (not including the thumb) is around 3.5 inches. It’s a useful piece of info to have when looking at pictures.

  17. I agree with the above……I consider myself hung at 7″ bc 99% of the guys I have been with (and there’s been more than i’ll admit) are smaller and shorter than me.  It cracks me up when I see guys measure from the bottom of their cocks near their balls, just put the ruler flat on top

  18. i doubt that. it’s usally they guys who can tell from simply looking at a photo, who’ve had the big ones and know it isn’t even close to ten inches. 

  19. I’m a grower not a shower… a nice 6.5, with a nice thick mushroom head… and ginger carpeting…
    no complaints so far  🙂

  20. Nice to see two clean cut and good looking guys fucking that are NOT covered with tattoos. Wish guys would realize that tattoos don’t make them manly, it’s they themselves that have to be men and tattoos can’t change a screaming fairy. They also should realize how detrimental they can be to a man’s future employment at times.

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