Slick It Up Vastly Improves “Weird Science”

Some people don’t “get” fetishy clothing line Slick It Up’s ads. They’re SUPPOSED to be humorous, trashy and subversive! Fetish ads don’t need to have the “boyslut, I’m going to explode your asshole with my chainmailed fist!” theming and feel ALL the time.

Weird Science was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Bill Paxton being turned into a talking pile of shit disgusted me. The kid that wasn’t Anthony Michael Hall kinda turned me on and made me wonder if I was gay (spoiler alert – yes) when he came downstairs in Kelly LeBrock’s skimpy bikini underwear. It’s a classic. But THIS would have made it my favorite film of all time! Slick It Up designer and model David Mason is only allowed to wear a pink latex thong from now on. Someone inform him.

– J. Harvey

To watch Slick It Up’s Weird Science commercial, Follow the JUMP:

252 thoughts on “Slick It Up Vastly Improves “Weird Science”

  1. That was great.  A perfectly done send up.  Even my straight friend said he thought it was “fucking awesome”.

  2. “Slick It Up designer and model David Mason is only allowed to wear a pink latex thong from now on. Someone inform him.”
    hummm.. I still think he’s wearing way too much.

  3. Not that I’m splitting hairs or anything….but it wasn’t AMH that came down in Kelly’s bikinis….it was the other guy, Ilan Mitchell Smith. Still a little bone-worthy though. And i’m having a “hard” time figuring out what THIS little maniac would like to do first. haha

  4. Now THAT is fun!  Love it. I’d also like to know what process these young men used to create that because I’d like to run the experiment for myself in the privacy of my own home. And of course repeat it several times for a hot party!

  5. the first thing this maniac would do, is go back and fix his face….not cute.  awesome everything else tho!

  6. Dear Pig Knuckle can we see your face? If yours isnt as hot, which I am positive it is not, hows does that mean you feel about yourself. Its such a cliche that people who post nasty comments are self loathing and jealous but its true! 

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