Drawn To You: Francisco Hurtz

Francisco Hurtz is an artist based in São Paulo. Though his work has been featured on BUTT magazine’s website, we recently stumbled upon it via Tumblr. His most recent pieces are driven by the nude male form, including several images inspired by vintage gay pornography.

We realize this is an incredibly nerdy thing to say when confronted by illustrated butt sex and orgies, but we really admire his clean-cut hatching technique. It also helps that he isn’t solely preoccupied with boner-inducing gay content. Some of his pieces has a sense of humor to them, like this bisexual deer threesome. Oh, don’t look at us like that! We never said he wasn’t a little weird…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Francisco Hurtz

To check out more of this artist’s work, follow the JUMP:

Click for larger view.

4 thoughts on “Drawn To You: Francisco Hurtz

  1. Two or three of the drawings seem to be classroom text,
    which is not bad mind you, I am not an artist. 
    I like all nine of Francisco Hurtz’s work.  I would purchase and frame them, if I had
    wall space.  As an art, erotic art, lover
    two thumbs up, five stars, Bravo!

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