Weekly Top Ten Wild Card: Things That Aren’t Britney

No disrespect to Britney Spears or anything, but we’ve done enough discussion posts about her latest material. Most of you have already made your minds up about the Femme Fatale campaign. And if you’d like to discuss her new music video for “Till The World Ends”, we politely invite you to head over here to the song’s updated post.

Now that we’ve addressed that, let’s talk about some artists who haven’t been getting a lot of love (or attention) on Manhunt Daily. Today’s Wild Card round includes “new” music from Kate Bush, Sahara Davenport, Fefe Dobson and the oh-so-persistent Nicole Scherzinger.

You know the drill by now, right? Four tracks are presented, and only one can make it onto our Weekly Top Ten. Your votes determine who’ll achieve this prestigious honor. Speaking of which, have you voted on this week’s charts? The polls are open until Friday!

If you’re not feeling any of these options, we urge you to leave a comment with your pick for the next countdown. There are no limits in regards to genre, sound or style. Just let us know what you’re listening to, and maybe you’ll see it on our rankings!

– Dewitt

To listen to these selections, follow the JUMP:

Kate Bush – Deeper Understanding: The younger folks are going to roll their eyes and wonder why we’re featuring some crazy old lady. The older folks are going to roll their eyes and wonder why we’re featuring a song from Bush’s 1989 album The Sensual World. Relax! It’s a completed retooled version of the track, in which the singer explores the relationship between a lonely person and their computer. Keep in mind, this was written twelve years before Manhunt was invented. As for you young’ns? Kate Bush was making pop music weird before Lady Gaga was even born. Have some respect for a legendary artist!


Sahara Davenport – Pump With Me: Yes, this is a dance track recorded by a former contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race. It also happens to be our current fave Manila Luzon‘s boyfriend/girlfriend. Will she blow your socks off with her musical artistry? Probably not. But this is so fucking fun that we can’t handle it.


Fefe Dobson – Can’t Breathe: We were pleasantly surprised by this Canadian singer-songwriter’s poppier offerings, “Ghost” and “Stuttering”. Even so, neither of them managed to excel on our Weekly Top Ten competition, and we get a very distinct feeling that “Can’t Breathe” will follow in their footsteps. Super sad!


Nicole Scherzinger – Don’t Hold Your Breath: Proving that British people don’t always have better taste, this was apparently a number one hit on the UK Charts. Oh, we’re just kidding! In a weird way, we’re kind of rooting for the former Pussycat Dolls lead vocalist to succeed. If the record industry continues to shove her down our throats, we might as well enjoy it, right?

14 thoughts on “Weekly Top Ten Wild Card: Things That Aren’t Britney

  1. Kate Bush predicted the phenomenon of social networking addiction about 6 years before most people had heard of the internet with “Deeper Understanding.” At the time it felt like a bizarre, futuristic dystopian future she was singing about. Now it feels disturbingly current and topical. Kate Bush proved with that song that she was always about 20 years ahead of our time.

  2. don’t like any of these songs, especially the fefe dobson one that everyone was recommending on the last countdown.

    dew, you should have made a new post about THE video. i’m upset with u now!

  3. Sorry, buddy! The video’s great and all, but we’ve admittedly been on Britney overload for the past few weeks. Had to take a break.

  4. Thank goodness for having common sense and giving us a Britney break. Gaga’s new single will be out on April 19th. Now to the Wild Card, I voted for Nicole. Check the Cahill Remix of her song.

  5. dewitt im 25 and love kate bush she is an awesome artist her video clips and live shows shit all over any new music its great to see someone who started at 17 still going and getting her stuff out there now when do we see some patti smith?

  6. Just don’t expect me to be so nice if the third single rumors about “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” are true…

  7. I really like Nicole, her voice is nice and she is hot and can dance but her solo stuff just lacks something.

  8. I voted for Fefe Dobson. Nicole’s song is good, but you start to get that feeling that could be a Pussycat Dolls song after all since she was the only one singing in that group.

  9. Nicole or Fefe are great. Anything that is not Femme Fatale or Born This Way related is a welcome fresh breath of air in this chart.

  10. @Dewitt… oh no… i hope that’s not true! Even though I like the song, I don’t think it’s a single material. Or at least not 3rd single. 5th maybe….

  11. kate bush! been a fan for many many years, and i’m only 28. eagerly awaiting the whole album of re-imagined songs. finally you have a real artist on here! tired of all the current fads that everything seems to think are so original and out there. bitches got nothin’ on kate! she’s done it allllllll before.

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