Celebrity Skin: Ryan Kwanten

True Blood’s fourth season is almost upon us, which means nude Jason Stackhouse! The achingly beautiful Ryan Kwanten plays the character, who is the physical manifestation of “young, dumb, and full of cum.” Recently, sources have claimed that Kwanten is making plans to reveal that he’s into dudes. We would reveal those sources, but dude is hideous.

Does everyone else have their applications ready to be Ryan’s first public boyfriend? The line forms to the left.

– J. Harvey

For some HOT pics of Ryan Kwanten, Follow the JUMP:

25 thoughts on “Celebrity Skin: Ryan Kwanten

  1. We can NEVER get enough of this sweet little hunk…more….MORE….MORE…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Big fan of Ryan Kwanten, really the only thing that made me start watching True Blood.
    And would those “into dudes” rumor be true? I’d gladly go out with him!

  3. I agree. But, does this mean his character is, or the actual actor? I’m kinda confused.

  4. Sure beats those silly, unsexy New York Congressmen’s bare chest photos. Not to mention the underwear wiener shots.

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