Morning Wood

Morning wood: A morning erection that is naturally caused as the brain enters the REM-deep sleep phase. At this stage, the body’s skeletal muscle structure relaxes and causes hypervasodilation in the capillaries of the body, resulting in said erection. Good morning! Good morning, Tom Bianchi […]

An Interview With Kenneth M. Walsh, Author of “Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? A Memoir”

Blogger and editor Kenneth M. Walsh can now add another title to his list of professions — author. The creator of the popular site kenneth in the (212) recently penned a memoir of hilarious and touching posts in a book titled Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? A […]

Exclusive Interview With Gay Porn Star, Author & Award-Winning Escort Christopher Daniels

You probably know Christopher Daniels best from his work with studios like Raging Stallion, COLT, Falcon, Hot House and Titan Men. But before his turn as the blond bottom bombshell of gay porn, he started off in 2009 as an escort in Sin City — […]