Drawn To You: Wolverine Goes Gay With Hercules, Nerd Boners Explode.

Truth be told, you don’t even have to be a comic book nerd to appreciate the idea of Wolverine making out with mythological hero Hercules. (We can all thank Hugh Jackman for that.) There have apparently been rumors swirling around since September that the two characters shared a romantic past, as witnessed in Marvel’s X-Treme X-Men series… And even prior to that, it was implied that Hercules swung both ways.

Now, it’s officially been confirmed that the alternate universe version of Wolverine—don’t ask questions—General James Howlett, did all sorts of sweaty and filthy things with the son of Zeus. The ninth issue sets the stage for their epic kiss in the follow-up. If anyone has links to bad/great fan art of these two fucking like crazy, please feel free to share them.

– Dewitt

Check out “Wolverine” and Hercules’ kiss below:


Wolverine goes gay for Hercules in Marvel's X-Treme X-Men #10.

Wolverine goes gay for Hercules in Marvel's X-Treme X-Men #10.

Wolverine goes gay for Hercules in Marvel's X-Treme X-Men #10.


Later, in the tenth issue…

Wolverine goes gay for Hercules in Marvel's X-Treme X-Men #10.

Wolverine goes gay for Hercules in Marvel's X-Treme X-Men #10.

676 thoughts on “Drawn To You: Wolverine Goes Gay With Hercules, Nerd Boners Explode.

  1. This might be going a bit too far. Many comics have been about different people (mutants) overcoming the fear and hatred of ‘normal’ people but making Wolverine gay or bisexual might be pushing it for hardcore heterosexual Wolverine fans.

  2. the problem is: with “alternate universes” one can create SO many alternate “realities” it becomes ridiculous, if not meaningless.

  3. It’s not the “real” Wolverine that fans care about, so I don’t think anyone’s going to care if it’s done well. On the other hand, if they’re a little heavy-handed on the message, instead of playing it as a matter-of-fact, people might just sick get of it.

    That leg pose is stupid though; the artist should have emphasized that he’s resting his leg on the dino corpse. Instead it looks like a weird attempt at being cute.

    Can you imagine if Greg Land was the artist for this. I would’ve loved to try and spot how many gay porn references he would’ve had to use.

  4. I only wish this was taking place in the “real” Marvel universe. I remember when they had Hercules’s funeral (presumed dead but wasn’t) and someone commented about how many of the super ladies had shared his bed and “others”..this was the moment when Northstar zipped out at super speed.
    To be logical about it..of course both Hercules and Wolverine would have had same sex encounters. Hercules has lived thousands of years. Wolverine is nearly 200. They have evolved in their thinking. Aren’t those of us over 40 more mellow in our thinking. We don’t sweat the little things. Even Bill Compton on TRUE BLOOD hinted at dalliances with men because he “grew up” internally. Let’s face it…faced with immortality you are going to try everything at least once..out of boredom if nothing else. I would say that all 3 of these gentlemen have evolved passed seeing genitals…to seeing hearts.

    This was supposed to be a reply to Taurus about angering hetero Wolverine fans. If they just stopped for a moment to contemplate greatly expanded life spans..they would get it.

  5. So Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine & The Rock is playing Hercules in a movie soon. Sooooo, can we bring this couple to the big screen? Because the thought of Hugh & The Rock getting it on is HOT!

  6. I’m all for having gay heroes and all, hell I even made the hero in a graphic novel/video game I’m working on homosexual… I just really hate and get annoyed at the way they are way too often presented. “I’m gay, that’s right get used to it” “I’m the gay guy” “hey did I mention that I was gay?” ITS CHEESY! Or that line about him telling Howlett he should wear more leather or whatever… C’mon. Same kind of things annoy me with many black characters, who are usually presented as big, angry, and or sound all street… I’m black, and don’t sound or behave like that lol, although I see its been changing, time to present homosexuality between two characters in a better way.

    Back in the golden days of anime, one of the good ones I used to watch was Sailor Moon. I love the way the romantic relationship between two of them (Sailor Uranus, and Neptune), was presented. It wasn’t all cheesy in your face, and their sexuality wasn’t put up as if it were the most important thing about them. You knew they were lovers, no doubt about it, but at the same time you didn’t even think about it, because it wasn’t made the most important thing, and those characters were pretty damn awesome.

    I wanted to see how people would react to the two homosexual characters I created. There are scenes of them showing great affection/intimacy, because yeah they’re lovers. People who I expected to have a problem with it, liked the way they were presented, and their sexuality isn’t put up as an important issue, to keep reminding people that they are gay. People also found it interesting the way the characters treat their relationship, being that they are both warriors- and don’t “behave” the way most people view contemporary homosexuals to behave.

    On a final note… Marvel’s comics, and animations pretty much suck now, all these alternative realities, and making animation that is just so very lame, when it could be so very awesome.

  7. I am a heterosexual Wolverine fan and I have a much easier time with a man-love Wolverine than with a 6-foot-3 Australian Wolverine. That seems like much less of a stretch, figuratively and literally.

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