Des Hommes et des Chatons Still Purring Along

This tumblr has been around for a while now (there’s even a book!) but Des Hommes et des Chatons is still purring along nicely. Featuring super hot guys and their feline photo-counterparts, Des Hommes is actually super thoughtful in the way it presents hot guy pics. Especially when there’s no shortage of hot guy pic tumblrs out there. As Monday winds into the afternoon (and the workday is almost over), plz to enjoy some random pecs, biceps, and implied nudity with my favorite (read: nakedest) Des Hommes posts from the last month:










That last guy is my favorite. I wonder if he could hold that pose while I rim him… Hmmm…



4 thoughts on “Des Hommes et des Chatons Still Purring Along

  1. Just a note of encouragement. I am glad to see MHdaily back to where it belongs. Tyler, you’re doing great baby. I loved Dewitt, but theres always room in my heart for one more. Keep up the great work. If I may suggest, I would love to see everything butt make its way back and some good ol’ gay celebrity dirt. If you have time. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Thanks for the advice! I’ve been instructed to stay away from celebrity dirt (but if something crazy happens, OBVIOUSLY I’ll need to talk about it – in the name of journalism) but I will definitely take a look at EB and see if we can’t bring that back to life!

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