Camp CockyBoys: Frankie V And Taylor Reign Train Together

There should probably be quotes around “train” in that post title.

While Taylor hangs upside down from his makeshift gymnastic apparatus Frankie quickly takes out his cock and sucks it. When Taylor does some decline sit-ups on the steps, he winds up kissing his “spotter” Frankie. As Taylor leans back on those steps as a “focal point” for Frankie’s half-hearted plyometric pushups, Frankie makes swift work of taking out Taylor’s hard cock and sucking him with no intention of resuming his push-ups. And though Taylor starts to show Frankie some cable flys he takes the time to pull down his shorts and suck Frankie’s boner.

Camp CockyBoys seems like it’s more fun than Disneyworld. Sure, Disneyworld has rides and various ways to get drunk. But Camp CockyBoys has Frankie V and Taylor Reign “training” with their cocks! Click here for more!

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