Manhunt Man Of The Week: fadano

This is how Google Translate interpreted Manhunt user fadano’s profile text.

I do not respond without a visible face photo here in the profile of the manhunt, if you approach me, I’ll send it later if I do not … it takes time to respond, but I try to answer all the ASSETS, only the ASSETS. love cafuçu. I have a place after 9pm at Arouche, I live alone! 38a 1m73 83kg 20x8cm 102cm from raba LANDSCAPE (I AM NOT SARADO!). If you will not eat, do not season! I do not have fantasies about married or straight men, your life, your problem, short rolls, it may be the profiles that interest me, even if I’m a priest … I’m PASSIVE, not silly and submissive, do not underestimate me, the boiling ear!

Some of that makes sense. But then someone’s ear starts boiling. Nevertheless, he’s got hot pics and a nice, solid dick you can see over at his profile.

Click here to see the rest of his pics!

Michael Xavier

Profile Name: fadano
Age: 38
From: São Paulo, SP

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