Billy Santoro And Zack Grayson Work Hard

Wouldn’t your soul-sucking office job be so much better if big, horny beast Billy Santoro was your boss? Never mind spreadsheets and meetings about the presentation on Tuesday. You’re Zack Grayson, and your boss seems to be flirting with you. He’s been giving you these looks and massaging your shoulders. He makes you think “dare I?” It’s Billy Santoro, fucking-A-right you do! Who cares about a possible HR situation – dude is HAWT. Before he knows it, Zack has his pillowy lips in Billy’ asshole. Once bossman is all lubed up (and done sucking Zack’s cock), he takes a meeting planted firmly on Zack’s dick. This is how working from home should always be done. (And if my boss is reading this, I am working from home tomorrow but it’s not to fuck Billy Santoro. That was last month.) The full clip’s on IconMale. Click here to check it out!

Also, you can follow Billy and Zack on social media:

Billy Santoro –
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Zack Grayson – Twitter

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