Billy Santoro And Armond RIzzo Are Curious About Each Other

They say curiosity killed the cat. They also say that curiosity can lead to a hot butt being hammered with cock. No, they really say that. I think Aesop wrote that or something. Once the truth or dare game is over Armond Rizzo and Billy Santoro find themselves on the couch together, they confess that […]

Billy Santoro Flip-Fucks With Roman Todd

Nick Sterling throws a dare right back at Roman Todd which is to take Billy Santoro into the bedroom and give him a little blowjob action! Roman is a sore loser and won’t let Nick win that easy! He takes stud Billy into the bedroom and Billy shows him how well he can suck a […]

Caption This: Zack Grayson And Billy Santoro

First five commentators get a month of Manhunt VIP membership free! – Michael Xavier p.s. That’s from the latest IconMale scene. You can see more of Billy Santoro here and Zack Grayson here!

Billy Santoro And Zack Grayson Work Hard

Wouldn’t your soul-sucking office job be so much better if big, horny beast Billy Santoro was your boss? Never mind spreadsheets and meetings about the presentation on Tuesday. You’re Zack Grayson, and your boss seems to be flirting with you. He’s been giving you these looks and massaging your shoulders. He makes you think “dare […]

Men At Play: Denis Vega In Billy Santoro Is A “Guaranteed Deposit”

Men at Play’s latest scene is called Guaranteed Deposit and that TITLE. You’d think it was totally BAREBACK WE BAREBACK HERE RAW DICK IN MUSCLEBUTT NO CONDOM HERE EFF THAT LATEX? But no – I see a rubber! The deposit is just a latex-wrapped dick and there ain’t nothing wrong witht what! It’s your usual […]

MHD Exclusive: What Was Billy Santoro Up To At MAL?

I always like to check in with porn wizard Billy Santoro now and then because he’s always up to something filthy, mischievous or a combination of the two. He’s usually over on Leaked and Loaded, presenting snatched vids off porn stars’ smartphones. Billy was at MAL and look what he brought back – slutty footage. […]

Let’s Watch Big Hulking Billy Santoro Fuck Shawn Andrews In His Perky Ass

Shawn Andrews thinks he’s just going in for a nice steam when he happens upon a big hairy ape wrapped in a towel and giving him the eye. It’s Billy Santoro and suddenly sweating all those toxins is a forgotten activity because Shawn’s twinkie ass looks phenomenal in those shorts. I mean… Shawn suddenly finds […]

Andrew Fitch Is Fucking Billy Santoro For Icon Male

I don’t know what the dour music is at the beginning of this teaser. It made me feel like I was about to watch something tragic (and boring). We don’t need our porn to sound like we’re about to watch independent cinema from Sweden, Miss Noelle. Terrible music cues aside. Billy Santoro (taking a break […]

Fap To This: Exclusive Clips From Billy Santoro’s Leaked And Loaded

Whew! It’s been a little crazy around here with the relaunch. I’m so tense! A lot goes into a total relaunch of everybody’s favorite porn blog! Our blood, sweat and jizz are all over this new format! I need to sit back, breathe, and fap! I’ve earned it. Luckily, porn provocateur Billy Santoro sent over […]