Caption This: Zack Grayson And Billy Santoro

First five commentators get a month of Manhunt VIP membership free! – Michael Xavier p.s. That’s from the latest IconMale scene. You can see more of Billy Santoro here and Zack Grayson here!

Billy Santoro And Zack Grayson Work Hard

Wouldn’t your soul-sucking office job be so much better if big, horny beast Billy Santoro was your boss? Never mind spreadsheets and meetings about the presentation on Tuesday. You’re Zack Grayson, and your boss seems to be flirting with you. He’s been giving you these looks and massaging your shoulders. He makes you think “dare […]

Justin Dean And Zack Grayson: Straight Boy Seduction

Going away to college can be a scary situation for a young man. I know that I didn’t feel fully settled until I began having the occasional JO session with my straight jock of a roommate. I felt even more comfortable with the college experience when we progressed to sucking each other off by Spring […]

Twitter Feed (Me): It’s Not The Weekend Without Porn Star Tweets

It’s true. I know – you wake up on Saturday morning and you want to know what your favorite pro fuckers have been up to on Twitter. And have they posted any jerk-off or dildo vids. I live to serve! – Michael Xavier Zack Grayson wants you to meet someone.   No one can suck […]