The Bel Ami Boys Are Still Making Greece The Sexiest Place On Earth (At 30% Off!)

Fuck Disneyworld, I’m going to Mykonos.

Holy hell, we’re already on Part 5 of Bel Ami’s sizzling series Last Summer in Greece! It is hot as fuck here in Boston where Manhunt HQ is located. It’s the kind of heat that, when you stop outside into it, it makes you wish you were never born. You know where summer isn’t ever like this? Mykonos! It’s a gorgeous day on the shore, and nude Hoyt Kogan (apparently there are no clothes on Mykonos and trust that no one’s complaining) has spotted Torsten Ullman checking him out on the rocks above. Both of these blokes like what they see, and they manage to give the other nude dudes the slip and take it back to their Grecian beach house. They walk in with their gorgeous cocks already at full mast, and the games begin. Hoyt devours Torten’s perfect penis and, no lie, my mouth started watering in tandem with my cock hardening. Their bronzed bodies intertwine in what honestly comes off as almost a loving scene for gay porn.

Wait, I was wrong. Torsten is wearing a hat when we first see him. There ARE some clothes on Mykonos.

Get into “>Last Summer in Greece Part 5 below.

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– Michael Xavier

“>Last Summer in Greece Part 5
“>Last Summer in Greece Part 5” target=”_blank”>Bel Ami
Hoyt Kagen and Torsten Ullman
















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